Dates: September 7-8, 2016 | Apply here
Prices: Workshop – Business (7 Sept) –SEK 750.00,-
Early Bird Conference (8 Sept) – SEK 250.00,-
Conference (8 Sept) – SEK 750.00,-
Student (Conference Only) – SEK 200,-
Location: Lund, Sweden

Internet of Things is a one day conference aiming to provide a clear picture of the Internet of Things landscape – where are we now, where are we heading, what obstacles can we expect and how do we solve them.

Join in for a day full of interesting sessions presented by internationally renowned speakers.

Internet of Things Conference 2016

Internet of Things Conference is a conference aiming to provide a clear picture of the Internet of Things landscape – where are we now and where are we heading. IoT is a broad concept that includes everything from protocols, hardware and software to health, wearable devices and design. The will try to cover all aspects of IoT, not only focus on a single category. The conference is run as a nonprofit event aiming to increase the awareness of current trends and the future of the industry.

The theme for the 2016 conference is business value. IoT has grown up and is everywhere around us, creating real value for businesses. Ranging from thousands of sensors in remote locations to data mining in cloud, IoT creates new unique possibilities for products and services. Technology is in our genes however, all sessions will have a mix of technical content and business value.

Internet of Things is a new concept to most of us. They believe that a broad selection of topics combined with real products and platforms is the best way to learn of a new concept, such as IoT. That’s why they will have sessions ranging from Google Glass and Phillips Hue to bio hacking, user experience, security and software platforms.

The conference consists of 3 parallell tracks, covering topics like hardware, software, design, wearables, business, security, among others. All sessions will be recorded in order to have them available on line, for free. There will be offered a wide selection of topics and with 20 different sessions to choose from there is going to be lots of interesting sessions for you.

IoT will disrupt the way we build and sell products, it will be possible to create more value for end users if we change our mindset. To help you do that, they’re offering a one day workshop where “real-world-use-cases” will be discussed.

As an attendee you will learn what challenges we are all facing and how they can be solved, what security issues to consider, how to design your products from a user experience perspective, what products and software platforms are available, and last but not least, what the future might look like.

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