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Location: Madrid, Spain

4th International Open Data Conference

IODC is the essential meeting point for the global community to debate and study the future of open data.

IODC aims to build stronger relationships between open data initiatives from the different governments and establish a dialogue between these voices:

  • Policymakers and Public Sector Information (PSI) holders
  • Private companies, startups and freelancers
  • Activists and NGO’s
  • Data journalism
  • Representatives of civil society from all over the world

The differentiating nature of the event is that it gathers countries from the northern and southern hemispheres to define tendencies and establish global policies of collaboration, with the objective of stimulating the progress of open data globally.

Global goals, local impact

Titled “Global goals, local impact” the fourth IODC will reconvene their expanding community to showcase successes, confront shared challenges, and help them ensure that their vision and the diverse initiatives continue to coordinate effectively.

Prior to the official opening of the IODC 2016, October 6-7, a large number of preconference meetings will be held in Madrid on October 3, 4 and 5 by government and civil society open data groups.

The upcoming edition of IODC will be built on the successful experience of IODC 2015 and will also take into consideration the results of many other relevant Open Data events, leverage the momentum of the existing collaborations of the growing Open Data community, to release and expand the potential of Open Data.

The agenda of the event will be focused on the 3 main objectives of the Conference:

  • Bring together the most innovative and practical Open Data solutions that are driving social and economic impact on areas such as health, gender, cities, education, science, agriculture and many more.
  • Identify and explore both new opportunities and new debates that are shaping the Open Data agenda.
  • Consolidate an international partnership on Open Data able to drive the development of global common resources for the international Open Data community.

As a global event, the conference will provide significant learning and a space for networking and collaboration for all national and international participants in government, the private sector and civil society, who will learn from the best international Open Data experts.

The Global Open Data community will be not only invited, but truly encouraged to send their contributions to the agenda of the three main tracks in which the event is organised: Impact, Sharing and Action.

In addition to IODC goals to convene an event that seeks to foster knowledge development and intellectual exchange, its organisers are working towards creating an inclusive, innovative, and empowering event.

At IODC 2016, they will also strive for the greatest possible level of gender balance, regional diversity, and the inclusion of all voices. The global open data community will come together to shape the agenda and results of the 4th International Open Data Conference.

IODC16 Madrid will be designed not as a single statement on open data, but rather as a curated record of discussions and debates, providing a snapshot of key issues and setting out a path forward based on the visions, ideas and agreements explored at IODC 2015 and collected in this report.

IODC16 will take place at IFEMA exhibition centre (Institución Ferial de Madrid). Their experience as an exhibition centre over the last 30 years makes them the foremost institution in Spain, and one of the most important in Europe.

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