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Location: London, The United Kingdom

IP EXPO Europe 2016

The number ONE IT event for those looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive their business forward.

Arrive with challenges, leave with solutions!

With six top IT events under ONE roof, 300+ exhibitors and 300+ free to attend seminar sessions, IP EXPO Europe is the must-attend IT event of the year for CIOs, heads of IT, security specialists, heads of insight and tech experts.

The event showcases brand new exclusive content and senior level insights from across the industry, as well as unveiling the latest developments in IT. IP EXPO Europe now incorporates Cloud Europe, Cyber Security Europe, Networks & Infrastructure Europe, Data Analytics Europe, DevOps Europe and Open Source Europe.

Cloud Europe

Cloud Europe at IP EXPO Europe showcases the next generation of cloud solutions for enterprises.

Discover how you can meet the rapidly growing storage and processing demands of big data, remote working, video communications, and other IT-intensive requirements. The event showcases brand new exclusive content as well as unveiling the latest developments in IT.

Cyber Security Europe

In the new world of organised cybercrime, it’s not a question of whether your systems will be breached – but when. Cyber Security Europe at IP EXPO Europe offers expert insight and solutions to help you protect your business, and your customers, from a cyber-attack.

This year’s event features seminars and solutions on all facets of cyber security and risk mitigation, from perimeter firewalls to the latest threat intelligence solutions. The event is a must-attend for both IT directors and security specialists.

The Cyber Hack

A live open source security lab will be featured as part of Cyber Security Europe this October. Here, you’ll be able to share ideas with White Hat hackers, security gurus, Cyber Security Europe speakers and fellow professionals. As the threat of cyber-crime for leading commercial organisations continues to grow, it is the knowledge of the hackers that we need to learn from.

In the Cyber Hack, you will:

• See hacks take place in real time, and gain insight into how businesses can learn to prevent them.

• Attempt to beat the best defences and security minds in the Pen Test Prize Challenge.

Networks & Infrastructure Europe

At Networks & infrastructure Europe, infrastructure decision makers can learn from the experts how to build leaner, more cost-effective, lower-carbon data centres. The event showcases all the latest data centre solutions – from green power and cooling systems to high-efficiency hardware and hosting.

In the data centre, even a 1% efficiency improvement means big cost savings.

Colocation and Managed Hosting Zone

It is a new addition for Networks & infrastructure Europe!

This is an exclusive area for anyone looking into colocation or hosting and gives you the chance to compare different services and learn from the experts.

Join exhibitors and delve into the world of colocation and managed hosting services – examine the types of service on offer, take part in a Q&A and speak to the technologists who know their service inside out. Benefit from the complimentary refreshments, panel debates, and industry expertise, and spend half a day evaluating your options.

Data Analytics Europe

At Data Analytics Europe at IP EXPO Europe, heads of IT, data analysts and CRM managers can learn how to put data at the heart of their decisions.

Discover how to unlock more value from big data; from customer interactions and transactions to social network feeds. You can also explore the latest technologies that help you store big data cost-effectively, in the house or in the cloud.

DevOps Europe

DevOps Europe, which is part of IP EXPO Europe, is the only free-to-attend event for DevOps. Offering DevOps-focused keynotes and seminars, the event helps you further the vision of agile development in your organisation.

Learn how to bring development and operations teams together to eliminate duplicated effort, increase efficiency and speed up key processes. You can also find out how the latest DevOps solutions and architectures can help you speed up IT deployments and deliver IT agility based on continuous development best practices.

Open Source Europe

Open Source Europe at IP EXPO Europe is brand new for 2016. 

It gives IT leaders all the insight and technology they need to understand how Open Source can benefit their organisation.

The rapid expansion of open source impacts across every facet of the modern enterprise from cloud computing, big data, operating systems, to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IP EXPO Europe Tech Clinic

This year, IP EXPO Europe will be offering all registered visitors FREE, personalised consultancy, tailored to the unique requirements of your business and IT Environment. 

With a huge range of exhibitors, specialists, consultants and technologies on offer at the event, we want to ensure you get the most from your day.

Our consultants are highly qualified and specifically chosen from across the industry with deployment experiences from Commercial, Public Sector, and SMB.  The knowledge of our consultants will allow them to advise on technologies that will meet your needs and provide valued insight to your projects.

Try it out for yourself

Talk to the experts or just explore and learn about some of the latest developments in your industry.

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