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Eligibility: Current university students (graduate and undergraduate) or recent university graduates (graduated in 2015 or later), working for a startup (company younger than 3 years and less than 25 people) or freelancers with the intent of creating a startup
Dates: August 19 - September 2, 2018
Tuition fee: 40,000 yen (approximately 360 USD or 300 Euros) + Startup Weekend fee
Location: Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Startup Summer School 2018

Kyoto Startup Summer School is composed of different modules taught and facilitated by its diverse teaching team members.

While the detailed program for KS³ 2018 is not finalized yet, here are some exciting modules that are going to be incorporated:

  • Workshops: Learn the different startup skills and gain the necessary entrepreneurial mindsets.
  • Lectures: Sessions covering various relevant must-know startup topics.
  • Startup Weekend: Super intense 54 hours to start your entrepreneurial journey with local members.
  • Mixers: Interactive sessions with trailblazing entrepreneurs.
  • Panel Discussion: Discussions and conversations with some of the most interesting people in the industry.
  • Company Visits: Check out the high tech companies and startups in the Kyoto region.

The Global Community

Since its inception in 2016, over 100 people from 26 countries have been involved in Kyoto Startup Summer School, the most international program of its kind in Japan.

Come join the community of innovators in the intense two-week program that brings together world-class entrepreneurs and educators.

KYOTO Design Lab

KYOTO Design Lab (D-lab) is the platform for Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT) to facilitate collaborations in the fields of architecture, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Since its inauguration in 2014, the D-Lab has played the role of incubator where various areas of expertise come together to discover and solve social problems through ground work research and development.

The project execution at D-Lab focuses on participatory learning approach and aims for societal implementation of innovation through international programs such as workshops and joint projects with prominent researchers, designers, architects, and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

D-lab’s location makes it the natural incubator for innovation across disciplines.

The ancient capital’s deeply rooted networks of traditional makers with their centuries-old knowledge and skills base sit alongside those focused on Kyoto’s more contemporary aspect as the home to new technology-based industries and start-ups.

Backed by the research excellence of the Kyoto Institute of Technology, D-lab facilitates this crucial meeting of both worlds to ensure that hands-on innovation can take place.

Kyoto, the city of tradition and innovation

Kyoto was once the capital and the largest city in Japan, a vibrant imperial city full of craftsmen, artists, and merchants.

While it lost both titles to Tokyo in recent years, Kyoto remains the cultural heart of Japan with over 2000 temples and shrines.

In addition to being the center of tourism in Japan, Kyoto is an important hub for the information technology and electronics industry in Japan.

This is the city where alongside traditional craft workshops, one can find world class companies and startups.

It is also the home to Nintendo and birthplace of Super Mario and Pokemon. In recent years, the IoT movement is gaining traction, building on the city’s existing expertise.

Kyoto is also a university town boasting 37 universities and 140,000 students which creates a dynamic city life. This is the city where you can find some of the best food in Japan from cheap student ramen restaurants to Michelin-starred establishments.

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