Dates: September 20 – October 2, 2016 | Register here
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Prices: starting from USD 149,-
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv IT Arena 2016

At Lviv IT Arena, they know what you expect from a great conference. Two tracks on Innovations and Actual Issues will satisfy your thirst in tech-related topics.
Meanwhile, the Business and Product development streams will give you some new insights into the IT market in the Eastern Europe and beyond.
The conference is a place to meet all kinds of people – CEOs, developers, designers, project managers, business analysts, entrepreneurs etc. With fun after-parties, the conference promises to create just the right atmosphere for informal networking.

Business track

Today, in the area of affordable technologies, gaining customer’s attention is getting harder and harder. Companies are competing in customers’ minds rather than in labs.

So how should we act to prove we are the best, that our services and products are the winning solutions in this worldwide race?

Business stream will cover

  • IT outsourcing business: most burning issues of both small companies and big industry leaders (Day 1, Day 2)
  • Own products and startups: lessons learned from top-notch founders and the startup competition for desert.

Product track

In IT product development means creating an entirely new kind of value by implementing innovative program solutions, tailored specially to the customer’s business.

This stream will cover general product development topics such as service design, design thinking and the transition to a product company. Also, we are going to discuss business analysis topics, enterprise analysis, quality assurance, project management trends as well as branding, data visualisation and other topics of interest.

Technology track

Technology matters. The modern world is difficult to imagine without the Internet, cellphones (tempting, of course, but unbelievable), aircraft commute, satellite navigation, biotech – the list goes on. The right technology was a crucial thing to make them happen.

So, what about tomorrow? What will be that secret sauce that makes impossible – possible?

At the Technology track speakers are going to dwell on these topics and look for advanced solutions. Disruptive technologies, established technologies, a new way of communication and collaboration, processes and best practices, tools of trade, mindsets and life hacks, challenges – all that may turn today’s breakthrough into everyday life tomorrow. That’s how you change the world, even if you do not really notice it.


Call for startups

Do you want to pitch your Startup and raise investment at the biggest IT event?
Present your Startup to investors and business angels?
Receive feedback from mentors?

Then you might want to apply for the call for startups.


  • the startup needs to work in the field of Internet Technologies;
  • the startup has to be no more than 2 years old;
  • the startup has to have raised no more than $ 50 k;
  • the team has to have at least a demo version of the product;
  • the startup has to have a team, that knows its target market and business.

About the venue

Lviv is among the most promising IT hubs in the Eastern Europe and has been named as one of the biggest IT centres in the region with an extensive growth and development opportunities. According to IT Research carried out by Lviv IT Cluster, the city is currently home to 15 thousand IT specialists with IT market growing three times over the last five years.

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