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Eligibility: So if you’re up for a challenge, over 18, with a good level of English, in your final two years of studies and with less than two years’ full-time employment, Make It Bright is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

JTI Make It Bright Challenge 2019

Positive change is always born from an idea, which is why JTI is looking for a new generation of talent with new ideas to light the way to an even brighter future.

Take the challenge, pitch your bright idea and it could take you on an incredible journey like no other and win you a six month paid global internship at JTI.

It’s your chance to expand your skills with coaching from business professionals to network and to explore different career paths.

Why participate?

The goal of the Make It Bright Challenge is to offer adult students an experience valuable for their future professional development and opportunity to be selected to intern with the JTI group.

What positive change would you bring to JTI to ensure a bright future for our business, our employees, our customers, the communities in which we work or the environment?

All ideas are welcome. Whatever it is, now’s your time to shine. Share your Bright Idea with us.

The aim of this Challenge is:

  • To offer adult students experience valuable for their future professional development (entrepreneurial skills, creativity skills, etc.)
  • To offer adult students an opportunity to be selected for an internship with JTI and/or its affiliates; and
  • Not to promote or advertise JTI’s brands or products

Challenge overview

  • Game on: Registration opens on 1st April.
  • Team up: Team up with a friend or find a teammate on our platform. Someone with similar values, additional skills.
  • Pitch your idea: Define and submit your bright idea.
  • Create your case: Shortlisted teams will develop and perfect the business case with coaching from JTI.
  • Country finalists chosen: Finalists from each country are chosen to go through to the global final.
  • Prepare your global pitch
  • The global final: Finalists present at JTI’s Headquarters in Geneva over Oct 22nd & 23rd, and a global winner is chosen.
  • 2020 six-month global internship: The global winning team begins its six-month internship.


Finalists will receive:

  • Six months paid internship and a Mac Book Pro
  • 2 months in JTI headquarters in Geneva
  • 2 months experiencing real business in one of the country offices
  • 2 months bringing positive change by participating in the Arise programme

Interested in applying for the JTI Make It Bright Challenge 2019? Register your participation by following the application link and taking the suggested steps.

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