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Location: Cleveland, the United States

Meeting of the Minds Summit 2017

Spotlighting innovations in urban sustainability and connected technology.

Meeting of the Minds is pleased to announce that its 11th annual summit will convene in Cleveland, Ohio from October 23-25th at the Global Center for Health Innovation.

The Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit is North America’s premier conference for urban sustainability, innovation, and connected technology that brings together urban sustainability and technology leaders to share knowledge and build lasting alliances.

This year’s Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit on the shores of Lake Erie will unearth tools and best practices working for city leaders across the globe. Sessions will feature solutions that are scalable, replicable and transferable from city-to-city and sector-to-sector. All of the discussions are couched in a deep understanding of technology and equity as key drivers for innovative cities.

If you are a leader who is seeking cross-sectoral and partnership-focused strategies that deliver scalable solutions on the ground in urban neighborhoods, you are invited to join the Annual Summit 2017.

Cleveland, like many other legacy cities where Annual Summit has convened, has been chosen because it is embarking on an exciting new urban revitalization and smart city strategy across an ecosystem of partners from technology, public sector, philanthropy, academic, community organizations and beyond. Home to major healthcare systems such as the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and MetroHealth and the 3rd largest modern manufacturing state in the US, Cleveland knows how to build economic clusters.

It is home to IBM’s Watson, world-class water strategies, a bus rapid transit system, innovative manufacturing, academic institutions which serve as anchors for neighborhood revitalization, and a thriving arts culture and economy. Cleveland is tasked with re-skilling its workforce, attracting residents back to the downtown and midtown cores, attracting talent, redeveloping and revitalizing former industrial areas, linking its neighborhoods to multiple waterfronts, and developing a smart city strategy. Much has already been accomplished in the Greater Cleveland area, but, similar to other cities around the world, there are major challenges ahead.

A strong foundation for this important urban revitalization work has been laid by innovative organizations like DigitalC, Microsoft, Cuyahoga County, the Cleveland Foundation, Greater Cleveland Partnership, JobsOhio, JumpStart, the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, the Cleveland Water Alliance, the City of Cleveland, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, MOCA Cleveland, and dozens of others.

Focus areas

We foster person-to-person and city-to-city learning by spotlighting projects and practitioners working on urban solutions in these 8 focus areas:

  • Environment: Climate change, natural disaster
  • Economy: Business, jobs, finance
  • Technology: Innovation, connectivity, IoT
  • Governance: Urban policy, justice, services
  • Society: Health, culture, education
  • Resources: Energy, water, food systems
  • Infrastructure: Built environment, urban planning
  • Mobility: Public transit, shared mobility

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