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Prices: starting from USD 1745,-
Location: Portland, the United States

O’Reilly Open Source Convention 2018

O’Reilly Open Source Convention is back in Portland, bringing the complete coverage of open source technology and projects, no matter the origin or affiliation.

Rather than focus on a single language or aspect, our program solely focuses on projects in areas of innovation including AI, infrastructure, blockchain, edge computing, architecture, and emerging languages.

From the explosion of AI with frameworks like TensorFlow, MXNet, and PyTorch to blockchain projects like Hyperledger, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, as well as infrastructure disruptors like Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Istio—open source is the value that fuels new industries and pushes forward long-standing ones.

OSCON has been ground zero of the open source movement. In its 20th year, OSCON continues to be the catalyst for innovation and success for companies.

Unlike other conferences, we cover open source projects across all origins and affiliations—our program focuses solely on projects in areas of innovation.

OSCON isn’t just open source, OSCON is:

  • Open source + AI
  • Open source + blockchain
  • Open source + infrastructure
  • Open source + edge computing
  • Open source + open data
  • Open source + community
  • Open source = Innovation

OSCON tracks

Innovative and emerging open source projects are at the center of OSCON 2018. Each track has been selected for its significance to software development and solving critical real-world problems:

  • Business Summit and case studies
  • Blockchain beyond Bitcoin
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Emerging languages such as Kotlin, Go, Elm
  • Live coding
  • Cloud strategies and implementation
  • Software methodologies: From ideation to deployment
  • Evolutionary architecture
  • Distributed computing
  • Edge computing
  • Open Source: Past, Present, and Future

Open Source Convention brings community, enterprise, individual contributors, and engineering teams together to move open source forward by highlighting best practices, projects that transform business, and insight into what you need next.

OSCON Training Courses

Immerse yourself in two days of in-depth education on critical open source topics. Each training course takes place July 16-17 and is limited in size to maintain a high level of learning and instructor interaction.

  • Machine learning with TensorFlow: From linear algebra to neural networks
  • Containers and Kubernetes boot camp

Experience OSCON

OSCON will educate, provoke, and inspire, with:

  • Over a hundred sessions covering the full range of open source languages and platforms
  • Practical tutorials that go deep into technical skills, new features and applications, and best practices
  • Inspirational (and relevant) keynote presentations
  • Thousands of open source developers, hackers, experts, vendors, and users of all levels—many of whom share your interests
  • An Expo Hall packed with an impressive array of open source projects and products
  • A vibrant “hallway track” where attendees, speakers, journalists, and vendors debate and discuss important issues
  • Fun evening events and receptions, Birds of a Feather sessions, awards ceremonies, late night parties, OSCON activities around town, and plenty of networking opportunities for everyone

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