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Date: June 15, 2020
Eligibility: The program provides early-stage funding, as well as providing support via relationships, introductions, and access to specialists from across the venture platform
Location: Online

Outlier Ventures Base Camp 2020

Outlier Ventures Base Camp is recruiting, financing and providing the launchpad for pre-seed projects anywhere in Europe, providing product support, hub services, and partnering with you on your Web 3.0 concept. Join this five months in a bespoke Convergence Accelerator to define and build your project.

Accelerating the billion-dollar token networks and transformational Web 3.0 businesses of tomorrow

Leveraging the combined resources of the tried and tested venture platform of experts, mentors and ecosystem the Base Camp will add measurable value where each team needs it most.

Delivered fully remotely, and targeting founders in the EMEA region, this extension of the successful Outlier Ventures venture platform that has partnered and collaborated with IOTA,, Sovrin, Ocean Protocol, Enigma, Cosmos, Parity and Chainlink.

This program will enable you to refine your pitch, positioning, and to develop traction in your product to be in the best possible shape to secure your first seed round of funding. This is a unique opportunity to get inside access to the industry and build your venture with the leading minds of Web 3.0.

Building on six years experience in the decentralised technology space, this isn’t a cookie-cutter program, but a bespoke solution for accelerating the billion-dollar token networks and transformational Web 3.0 businesses of tomorrow.

Why apply?

  • A 5-month remote-first accelerator program
  • £25k immediate funding for 5% equity/tokens
  • Up to £180k total funding available per team
  • Startup resources, legal and back-office support
  • World-beating investor and mentor ecosystem for Web 3

Calling the leaders and teams with concepts in the decentralised space

The accelerator is looking for driven, humble, empathetic and passionate founders who want to build a more equitable data economy. You will likely be a small team with both technical and business expertise. You may have raised a small amount of money before, and are looking for your next step to accelerate your proposition, and get it in front of customers and the wider industry.

You are encouraged to apply if your project fits Outlier Ventures’ vision of the future web: The Convergence Stack. Spanning hardware, software, networking and applications, the stack underpins a private, secure, and accessible digital infrastructure.

Outlier Ventures is particularly interested in opportunities in the following industry vertical segments:

  • Fintech & Defi: Teams developing businesses and networks to connect the decentralised finance and the existing financial infrastructure are of particular interest.
  • Machine to Machine: concepts addressing automation and the “industrial internet/Industry 4.0”, and in particular how decentralized software can enable new forms of economic activity. For instance: smart cities, manufacturing, energy services, the smart home, and the automated sharing economy.
  • Transport & Logistics: Decentralised software can be valuable in the complex and global logistics supply chain offering provenance, tracking and more efficient resource utilisation across the market.
  • Identity: Outlier Ventures is interested in supporting founders working on helping users take back control of their identity, reputation and data and how this relates to the existing regulation around KYC/AML as well as improving tax and audit functionality.
  • Networking: The accelerator wants to support teams working in the open-source hardware (OSH) and software (OSS) space bringing decentralized software, privacy-guarantees and strong cryptographically to telco networks.

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