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Eligibility: Material, packaging, product design for the circular economy, logistics solutions for any industry of the entire packaging value chain are eligible for competition

Packbridge Challenge 2019

Packbridge Challenge is looking for startups and interesting entrepreneurial/innovative companies. The competition is directed towards companies with a unique business concept or innovation.

The company must be entrepreneurially led and have a unique technology/business idea that can be applied in the packaging value chain.

The purpose is to establish better connections and collaborations between the packaging value chain and startup communities.

A start-up competition with focus on packaging

The competition is open for entrepreneurial companies or startups from all industries, regardless of their legal form, activity or phase.

Material, packaging, product design for the circular economy, logistics solutions for any industry of the entire packaging value chain are eligible for competition.

Moreover, the other solutions such as smart labels, smart electronics, food safety, IoF and IoP, E-commerce, waste and recycling, new apps etc. are very interesting and eligible for the competition too.

Packbridge is looking for innovations throughout the entire packaging value chain: raw material producers, machinery, converters, brand owners, retail, etc ending up with recycling.

Packbridge helps startup companies find business opportunities in the packaging industry

Packbridge currently has over 180 member companies and is a non-profit organisation which is probably the largest of its kind in Europe. Packbridge was founded in 2010 and has grown very quickly.

Within this area, Packbridge has identified the potential for startup companies or entrepreneurs with ideas that could usefully be applied in the packaging industry.

Packbridge members will benefit greatly from bringing them together with startup companies and entrepreneurs. And similarly, it is of great interest for these companies to find partners in the industry.

Packbridge can help businesses to save resources; we can also facilitate potential outsourcing and help with matchmaking. For Packbridge the Triple Helix concept is a key driving force, and they can match companies within all of these areas.

Through its network and using our expertise, they can facilitate and streamline the creation of contacts and quickly pave the way for effective collaboration.

Interested in applying for the Packbridge Challenge 2019? Register your participation by following the application link and taking the suggested steps.

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