Dates: February 20-24, 2017 | Registration to be announced
Prices: all events, keynotes, workshops, panels and evening networking opportunities are free for attendees
Location: Arizona,The United States

PHX Startup Week 2017

PHX Startup Week powered by Chase for Business is back for the third year. This FREE five-day event celebration is for the local startup ecosystem, and anyone else interested in entrepreneurship.

This year PHX Startup Week will be held at five different Valley locations across three cities. The programming has something for everyone. The broad range of event topics and participants provides a rare opportunity for thousands of Phoenix startups and Valley biz leaders to rub elbows, make connections and learn from the best about how to break into today’s modern technology marketplaces.

Attendee registration for PHX Startup Week, the series of locations and the full schedule of events will be announced soon. Be the first to know about registration by joining email list today!

PHX Startup Week was started by a few local, intrepid entrepreneurs in 2015 with support from Chase. In partnership with TechStars, and with the continued support from Chase, the event continues to be run by local entrepreneurs and community leaders.


PHX Startup Week takes place in a rotating set of venues across the Phoenix metro area. SUW takes this approach to foster pride in the innovation taking place in neighborhoods across the Valley, and to give attendees from other parts of the city a chance to learn more about the companies, startups and supporters in areas outside of their day-to-day commute. Each day has a hub location, where the daily keynote takes place, in addition to satellite locations that host panel conversations and workshops.


The speakers are selected with a deep expertise in their area and are experienced at bringing valuable, actionable content to the startup audience. Each year, SUW seeks successful entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, accountants, marketers, academics, developers and experts with a direct connection to entrepreneurship success.

All events, keynotes, workshops, panels and evening networking opportunities are free for attendees thanks to the support of SUW sponsors.

Who should attend?

PHX Startup Week is great for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, making local connections in the business community, and learning from some of the Valley’s most successful business leaders. Whether a student, employee, business owner, solopreneur, government leader, or educator, PHX Startup Week has a variety of opportunities for learning and building connections.

Get involved

As a non-profit event, PHX Startup Week relies on the fellow community of volunteer supporters at all levels. Assembly line preparation for event day, on-site information docents, social media superheros. If you’re interested in volunteering, tell your availability before and during the event, plus share some expertise (if you’d like), and SUW Volunteer Director will match you to a much-needed role within PHX Startup Week.

Complete this form and you’re on your way to supporting Arizona’s largest startup community event!

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