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Product Marketing Awards 2020

Product Marketing Awards aims to celebrate product marketing excellence every single day. Once a year though, the Awards recognize the brightest stars in the Product Marketing industry.

This year, the event is coming back bigger and better than ever. Not one, not two, but eight new categories have been added to the line-up, and the trophies will be handed out in style at the inaugural awards gala in San Francisco.


So, whether you want to nominate yourself or put a colleague or your company forward, here are the awards up for grabs:

  • Product Marketing Leader of the Year

If you or someone you know is a PMM exec who’s leading their team to do great things, this could be the one. It’s all about recognizing outstanding leaders who not only show an intense commitment to their teams and targets, but to customers too.

  • Product Marketing Team of the Year

Has your team been absolutely killing it for the last 12 months

Bundles of commitment, strong relationships, and awesome results are the ideal qualities for in this category. If you’re in a team of rockstars (or know one) with the results to prove it, get nominating.

  • Rising Star of the Year

If you’re new (ish) to the industry and you’re knocking it out of the PMM park, you (or someone you know) could be on track to be product marketing’s next rising star.

PMMs who’re crushing their goals, oozing with passion, and really having a positive impact on their product, team, and company are encouraged to apply.

  • Product Marketing Newcomer of the Year

Are you a newbie, filling the product marketing party with your infectious attitude and the sweet smell of success?

Whether it’s you, or your colleague, put modesty to one side, sing from the rooftops, and make yourself known.

  • Sales Enablement Star of the Year

Do you (or a member of your company) go above and beyond to keep in touch with your prospects and customers, provide salespeople with valuable data, set reps up for success, and increase sales conversions?

If so, it sounds like you’re a star of sales enablement, propping up the sales funnel, singlehandedly.

  • Positioning Maestro

Whether it’s nailing a USP, swotting off competitors, or succinctly defining core product benefits, a positioning maestro is a master of their craft.

Irrespective of whether you want to nominate yourself or your team member, gain the acclaim you deserve.

  • The Above and Beyond Award

Sometimes, we have to work overtime at the office to pick up an outstanding project, meet that launch date, take that customer call, or mentor a newcomer, and every company has that person willing to roll up their sleeves and do all they can to get the job done – all year round. Not all heroes wear capes.

  • Product Launch of the Year

PMA is interested in an all-singing, all-dancing product launch, mainly, because they appreciate how much time and effort is involved.

From audience research, strategies to social media outreach, share every minute detail behind how you bewitched and bedazzled your audience.

  • Most Innovative PMM Campaign

Hands up who bought a personalized Coke can? Exactly, a LOT of us. Why? Because anything that’s remotely different catches our attention and drives our buying habit.

So, that’s what PMA is looking for in this category – an inventive PMM campaign, with the sales figures to back the bravado. Ready to blow us away? OK! 3,2,1…

  • Most Market Growth

Has your company experienced exponential growth? Firstly, congrats, that’s awesome! Secondly, tell everything about it! (the more detail, the better!)

After all, a nice award would put the cherry on what seems to be a very sweet tasting cake…

  • Top companies to work in Product Marketing

Are you one of those people who loves going to work? PMA is dishing out company kudos to 3 firms that are a product marketer’s paradise.

So, ask yourself: “Why do I wake up with added vigor and make the dash to the office with an added spring in my step?” It could be the awesome perks, the close-knit culture – tell us what heaven looks like.

Judging criteria

Across the board, PMA is looking for:

  • People who’re positively obsessed with product marketing;
  • Demonstrable bottom-line business impact – whether it be revenue, deals closed, lead-gen, stronger processes or setting other teams up for success;
  • Anecdotal support from at least one other member of your/the nominee’s company; plus
  • Anything you think will help you stand out from the crowd!

Interested in applying for the Product Marketing Awards 2020? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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