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Reimagination 2016

The purpose of the Reimagination Thought Leaders’ Summit 2016 and Digital Disruptors Awards is to bring together leaders from the technology industry, the wider business sector, the education and research communities and the political sphere to advance the conversation on entrepreneurialism, innovation and competitive advantage for Australia to create a vibrant and innovative technology sector able to take advantage of opportunities to prosper in the digital and knowledge economies.

Artificial intelligence, big data, automation and other technology areas offer the nation the ability to create new products and services across multiple sectors.

Having said this, issues around digital literacy across the broader population exist along with a decline in education standards combined with disruption of traditional business models. This raises questions about whether Australia can leverage opportunities such as these.

There is a clear need for Australia to foster practical adoption of innovation and entrepreneurialism not just so that our country isn’t a significant loser on the global stage, not just to compete on the global stage but how we can contribute and become a global leader.

To support Australia in this transition and on this journey, assuring the pipeline of future ICT human capital is a critical challenge to driving productivity and to enhance standards of living for developed economies, as well as raising standards of living for developing economies.

The Reimagination Thought Leaders’ Summit will feature international and Australian leaders that will provide practical know-how, critical thinking and their views and opinions on how Australia can flourish and prosper in the digital future and knowledge economy.

Digital Disruptors Awards

The ACS is passionate about the ICT profession being recognised as a driver of productivity, innovation and business – able to deliver real, tangible outcomes.

To honour the efforts of Australia’s ICT professionals, the ACS has introduced these national awards for the teams and individuals at the forefront of digital disruption.

Following the Reimagination Thought Leaders’ Summit on 1 December 2016, there will be hosted a cocktail reception allowing the delegates, guests and leaders from business, government, education and research sectors to converge and share their learnings before celebration and honouring Australia’s best team and individual technology disruptors at the ACS Digital Disruptors and Pearcey Foundation Awards gala dinner.

The award finalists will be recognised and winners announced at this dinner.

Individual Awards:

  • ICT Professional of the Year
  • ICT Young Professional of the Year (Male under 30)
  • ICT Young Professional of the Year (Female under 30)
  • ICT Researcher of the Year
  • ICT Educator of the Year
  • ICT Student of the Year

Team/Project Awards:

  • Skills Transformation of work teams (Small teams under 20)
  • Skills Transformation of work teams (Medium teams 21-200)
  • Skills Transformation of work teams (Large teams 200+)
  • Service Transformation for the digital consumer (Not for Profit)
  • Service Transformation for the digital consumer (Government)
  • Service Transformation for the digital consumer (Corporate)

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