Dates: March 19-20, 2020 | Register here
Prices: starting from CHF 59,-
Location: St.Gallen, Switzerland

START Summit 2020

Due to the current spread of COVID-19 and the precautionary principle issued by the Swiss government regarding large-scale events, START Global announces that START Summit 2020 will not take place. This comes as part of our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our participants. It is a preventive measure in response to the high uncertainty regarding the development of COVID-19 which is beyond our control.

START Summit 2020 is your opportunity to dive into the entrepreneurial world driven by technology. Meet like-minded students, Europe’s most promising startups, corporates and get inspired by the most relevant speakers and technologies.

Get inspired by today’s tech leaders and entrepreneurs at stage events, interact with the most innovative startups and realize the potential of disrupting technology.

Why participate?

Be where tech meets business in a unique setting. Get to know more about the latest technological trends. Experience an authentic, creative atmosphere in which you can disrupt today.

START Summit brings students, founders and investors together. Here, you will meet fellow creatives that are willing to build a new world. With you.

Become part of Switzerland’s leading entrepreneurship and technology conference

The Content of the 2020 START Summit will be driven by 3 key themes: Data, Connectivity and Impact. Woven into the verticals, there are five major topics on which the formats at START Summit will focus.

The goal is to create a connection between both verticals and horizontals by finding matching topics to ensure a cohesive, clearly-structured event.

  • Data

Nowadays, consumers live in a digital world of instant expectation and instant gratification. From digital sales transactions to marketing feedback and refinement, everything in today’s cloud-based business world moves fast.

All these rapid transactions produce and compile data at an equally speedy rate. Safeguarding the interests of all these consumers, trusting the big players in data storage such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, has been proven to be one of the biggest challenges facing our generation.

  • Connectivity

The world as we know it is undergoing constant change to become a more connected one. Over the last couple of years, technology has impacted our lives in an unprecedented manner.

No matter what field you might look at – Mobility, Infrastructure or even our work and social life – the ever-growing importance of the sharing economy, AI, Data and the IoT have made connectivity a key topic of our time.

  • Impact

In the past, society has faced diverse issues globally such as the climate crisis, developing countries facing a lack of electricity and thus, living off-grid, inequality in terms of education and access to the labour market, intransparency concerning elections and the misusage of political power to leverage internet shutdowns and with this diminish the freedom of speech, to name a few.

The topic impact tackles these problems and presents new solutions arising from the emergence of disrupting technologies and innovative entrepreneurial strategies such as the development of new forms of working, living and creating.

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