StartingBloc brings together entrepreneurs, activists, educators, and  innovators working to create change. While hosting 4 institutes throughout the year, StartingBloc connects them to their tribe and give them access to the resources, co-conspirators, projects and support they need to create the impact they want.

It is done through a transformative 5-day experience where Fellows learn from proven change-makers, are pushed to take bigger risks, and find new life-long allies.  As a result of StartingBloc, hundreds of Fellows have found meaningful work, launched new companies, and joined forces to tackle our world’s challenges.

An overview of the agenda

Day 1 | Off the Bloc
Fellows set goals for their Institute experience, get to know the other Fellows, and learn about Transformative Action: a set of proven tactics for creating change.

Day 2 | Owning your vision
Fellows focus on their vision for themselves and for the world. They learn Polarity Mapping, explore how to craft a compelling story, pitch to the whole room at the Ideas Marketplace, and practice asking for, and offering, a helping hand.

Day 3 | Taking action
This day is about tackling problems through relentless iteration. Fellows learn Rapid Prototyping techniques by applying them to challenges brought in by ten local impact-driven organizations. The Social Innovation Scrimmage is put on in partnership with ReWork.

Day 4 | Different perspectives
On this day, Fellows explore some of the ways that the “rubber meets the road.” They engage in dialogue with accomplished change leaders, who stand for what they believe in different ways.

Day 5 | Moving forward
What is it to create lasting change? How do you craft a career worth having? And how do you make the most of the StartingBloc community from here on out?

Program benefits

Through a series of workshops and activities designed to stretch your limits, you will learn directly from high impact change-makers, you work with proven frameworks for delivering change, and you build relationships with life-long allies. StartingBloc gives you:

  • A network of stellar peers. 
  • Tools for making real change.
  • Guidance from world-class changemakers.

Program costs

Tuition for all StartingBloc Institutes is $1,250.  Scholarships are available.

StartingBloc exists to support leaders building a future that works for everyone. Because of this, we strive to make StartingBloc accessible to a socio-economically diverse population of change leaders.

Tuition covers the following:

  • Programming
  • Speakers
  • Event Space
  • Catered breakfast & lunch for all 5 days
  • Evening receptions
  • A ticket to the Launch Party
  • StartingBloc’s team & operations
Tuition does not cover:

  • Accommodation during the Institute
  • Travel to the institute city
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Dinners during the Institute
  • Miscellaneous food and drink


Interested? Then apply before June 11, 2015 by filling out this form.

See what the Institute feels like:

Opportunity summary

StartingBloc Institute & Scholarship in DC 2015
A transformative 5-day workshop for entrepreneurs, activists, educators, and  innovators to facilitate change.
Scholarship application deadline: June 11, 2015
[Oops, the opportunity has already expired. Sign up to AlphaGamma weekly newsletters to stay ahead of the game]
Regular application deadline: July 16, 2015
 Washington, DC, United States
Dates: Oct 22 – 26, 2015


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