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Eligibility: Startups who are willing to raise funds in the range mentioned belove can apply

Startup Jalsa Pitch Session 2019

How big is your dream? How fast do you want to achieve it? Do you have the guts to go against the grain and take a risk? If you do, this is the right event for you.

Being through the journey of rejection, phases of desperation and self-doubt ourselves, we understand what it takes to get up every day and have the courage to follow your own heart and intuition.

Startup Jalsa is a startup platform – on a mission to inspire and invest in entrepreneurial talent – and help founders build enduring businesses.

Since its inception as a conference in 2015, over 2000 companies have participated in the various events of Startup Jalsa and they have gone on to raise cumulatively over 500crores in funding.

Investing in ideas which can disrupt the world

India is a land of entrepreneurship, catering to a population of 1.3bn. Right from the discovery of ‘zero’ by Aryabhata to the invention of rockets to innovation in other modern technologies, India has evolved in the field of automobile engineering, communications, information technology, space research, and polar technology. With India, evolved the Indian startup ecosystem. Companies such as Infosys, the Tata and Wipro groups took off in the 1980s. and MakeMyTrip boomed during the DotCom boom and then came the age of mobile and Internet boom, where companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Zomato prospered. Flipkart alone has a revenue of about $8.1bn and was recently acquired by Walmart, in the world’s biggest e-commerce acquisition to date, for USD 16 billion.

In an era when funding is not a far fetched dream, Jalsa is interested in investing in ideas which can disrupt the world. And, while we are interested in bringing these ideas to life, we are more than interested in embracing young and bright individuals and their ideas enthusiastically.

Startup Jalsa organizes varied events throughout the year to render entrepreneurs with a good amount of exposure. Entrepreneurs get to connect with the best of the startup ecosystem, be it traditional businessmen or novel and innovative entrepreneurs and pitch their startups to suitable investors.

Event overview

Startup Jalsa reaches out to entrepreneurs and gives them opportunities to pitch their startups. Institutions like IITs, IIMs are some of venue and outreach partners along with the various co-working spaces around South Asia.

  • Founder Talk
    Listen to leading entrepreneurs about their first investment pitch.
  • Elevator Pitch
    Startups will get 60 seconds to pitch their startups.
  • Networking
    Shortlisted startups get to network with fellow startups and founders.

Funding range

Startups who are willing to raise the following fund are encouraged to apply

  • Idea stage startup – Funding of INR 5 Lacs at 10% equity
  • Proof of concept/Beta stage startup – Funding of INR 25 Lacs at 10% equity
  • Revenue stage startup – Funding of INR 1 Crore at mutually agreed equity

Interested in applying for the Startup Jalsa Pitch Session 2019? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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