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Startup Summit 2021

Startup Summit invites specialists from globally celebrated brands to share their stories and insights with the ambitious founders of today and the business leaders of tomorrow.

Speakers explore the fundamental aspects of running a business, including marketing, strategy, leadership, sales, investment and more.

Celebrating 10 years of Startup Summit!

Founded in 2012 with the aim to bring together an entrepreneurial community, Startup Summit 2021 invites you to shape the next decade of startup ventures.

The 10th annual Startup Summit will be hosted this year. It will be a huge celebration of how far Scotland and the wider European startup scene has developed and grown.

SUS21 will celebrate where we’ve been and what the next decade might have in store with some of the most exciting founders, companies and leaders from around the world.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes an ecosystem to raise a startup and we know that this event is the culmination of a vibrant and energetic community coming together.

From startup successes to dramatic failures, SUS21 will celebrate and share what it takes to start, grow and scale a purpose-driven company.

Startups in 2031

If the Government’s target to achieve Net Zero by 2030 is to happen, then it will take the collective attention of everyone to transform the way we establish and grow new businesses.

At Startup Summit 2021 you will explore “Startups in 2031” with a focus on:

  • The future of work, education and investment.
  • The continued rise of flexible working and employee wellbeing
  • Responsibly using AI, Data and Advanced Technology
  • The future of leadership, ethics and purpose
  • Growing, scaling and marketing a purpose-driven business
  • The role of businesses in ensuring sustainability and the COP26 engagements

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