Dates: November 25-29, 2020 | Register here
Location: Online

USIMP Patent Fair and University-Industry Cooperation Congress 2020

Are you looking for an opportunity to meet with Turkish Universities, Companies and startups?

This year you have the chance to join a virtual Congress and Patent Fair organised by USIMP along with hosting partners from member institutions.

National Patent Fair, was initiated in 2015 by a group of member TTO’s exhibit selected academic patents of high calibre originating from Turkish Universities and to and attract the attention of the industry.

These two events have been merged in 2018 as “USIMP National Patent Fair and Annual Congress”. Participation in this annual event leads to 10 CE points towards RTTP certification.

Output-Oriented University-Industry Collaboration with Effective Interfaces

The main theme of this year’s event is “Output-Oriented University-Industry Collaboration with Effective Interfaces”

The uniqueness of the event is that it only accepts “academic inventions” and it is a collaborative event of Turkish TTOs and Technoparks.

During the Congress, there will be panel discussions, you will hear the insights of the invited speakers, peer-reviewed free presentations and a pitching session available for those who would like to present their patents/technologies.

You will also have an opportunity to network: all the stands will be open throughout the event for real-time meetings and messaging.

The event aims to:

  • Exhibit selected academic patents of high calibre originating from Turkish Universities
  • Attract the attention of industry to academic patents and know-how originating from Turkish Universities
  • Bring together providers (University patents) and technology seekers (companies) to create new collaborations and foster technology transfer via B2B bilateral meeting sessions and Tech Showcases
  • Increase the awareness of industry for high-quality academic patents and facilitate new partnerships for commercialization of the technologies
  • Increase the knowledge level of researchers and companies about the commercialization of research results and patent licensing strategies via hands-on workshops

USIMP Honorary Awards

USIMP Honorary Awards are presented at Annual Congresses, since 2012, to those who have made significant nation-wide contributions beyond their regular duties, to university-industry cooperation and technology transfer.

Interested in attending the USIMP Patent Fair and University-Industry Cooperation Congress 2020? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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