Deadline: October 1, 2018 00:00 (CEST)| Apply here
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Eligibility: Life Stage: Students can apply to Watson’s semester program before (gap year), during, in lieu of, or shortly after their undergraduate studies. Applicants are typically 18-23 years old.
Venture Stage, Early Prototyping: The students they select are an early stage in the development of their ideas, but in most cases, a strong applicant already has at least a prototype of their concept. This means that they are typically past the idea stage.
Location: Boulder, the United States

Watson Institute Incubator 2019

*Watson Institute is tuition-based, however partial and full scholarships are available for select students who demonstrate merit and financial need.

Watson Institute, a revolutionary new learning model for next-generation innovators and social entrepreneurs, is searching the globe for the next cohort of 35 young gritty idealists and pioneers who believe they can change the world.

Watson believes that to solve the toughest challenges facing the world, we must equip the next generation with the necessary TOOLS, NETWORK, MINDSET, and COURAGE to unleash a lifetime of impact. Deadline to apply for the Spring 2019 Semester Incubator cohort is October 1st!

Who should apply?

Watson Institute Incubator is in the search for young people who are motivated to work towards a future that is better, more sustainable, and more equitable than the present.

The ideal candidates are people who are gritty, creative, and driven to not only listen and learn, but also act. The incubator is scouting for those who can demonstrate a thread of social or environmental action running throughout their lives.

Benefits of applying

  • In-person training in the hard and soft skills necessary for next-generation leaders
  • Mentorship
  • Access to a global community of change-makers
    Possibility of seed-funding
  • Pro-bono legal support

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