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Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Webit Festival Europe 2017

Gathering some of the world’s top enterprise leaders, Europe’s top policymakers and the hottest startups and founders.

The agenda includes a number of parallel summits and events:

Marketing & Innovation Summit

The future of retail and customer services is all about the connection between business and its client.

Recent technological advances open the amazing potential for the collection of data about the customer habits and present new tools to focus the marketing more on the recipient of the product, than the product itself.

The aim of Marketing & Innovation summit is to is to give business leaders knowledge about the best ways to connect with the customer in the ever evolving Digital world.

Our top level speakers will introduce you to the latest trends in the spheres of Advertising, Brand Strategies, Metrix&Data, Mobile Tech, Personalisation Strategies and Media & Digital Entertainment.

Digital Economy Leadership Summit

The summit aims to address some of the major challenges the humankind faces in today’s Digital age.

The event is invitation only highest level event gathering political leaders (e.g. Presidents, Vice Presidents and top European political leaders,), top entrepreneurs and founders, Nobel Laureates, scientists and innovators along with top enterprise executives from Europe and rest of the world.

Smart Cities Summit

From promoting technological and commercial innovation in the private sector, to turning City Hall itself into a center of ongoing excellence, the Smart Cities Summit aims to address all of the crucial factors that are facing urban administrators in today’s complex Digital world.

With the hopes of contributing to the city and optimizing its potential to the fullest extent, WEBIT.FESTIVAL and Sofia Municipality invites entrepreneurs, politicians, city counsellors, and other senior urban administrators to join forces and come together for an opportunity to share their experiences on how to promote innovation in their cities while engaging a broader audience in both the public and private sectors.

Mobility Summit

Transport is the industry that is most quickly reaping the benefits of newest developed AI and machine learning technologies. This amazing innovation gives us the perspective of completely changing one of the most important economic spheres.

Costs for transport are part of every consumer product and every innovation that can boost its effectiveness can have a global impact on the economy. But future Mobility is not just about cost reduction. It is a strategic topic that covers ecology, energy, movement of people and goods and sustainable development.

Digital Transformation Summit

Digital technologies are already included in all aspects of human society and have become an integral part of business. With its Digital Transformation Summit Webit.Festival is helping our attendees to digitalize their business so that it can be successful in the technological age.

This type of transformation enables new types of innovation and creativity. It completely eliminates the need to use paper in administration and services in the private and public sectors.

Digital Transformation is often called the biggest effect of digitalization on society. It has the power to transform the existing business models and socio-economic structures and accelerates the global processes of change towards the future society. And Webit.Festival is all about future.

Fintech & Blockchain Summit

Advances in the FinTech gives the business power to apply new processes, products and working models in the financial services industry. They benefit sectors such as banking, insurance, financial information, payments, investments, financing advisory and cross-process support.

During Webit.Festival you can learn the top methods for personalization in the B2B, B2C and C2C parts of the financial sector. Since 2010 the total global FinTech investments stands at about $80 billion. The biggest part of the growth in the sector comes from South America, Australia and China.

Dev Summit

The Dev Summit is the dedication to all developers and software architects. The event gathers speakers from three continents to challenge the next generation of Agile & DevOps. Quality software building skills are essential for both – startup and enterprise scene. Webit.Festival meets you with all components of the digital economy environment.

During the event, you can find out how to streamline and automate Ops, how to boost developers productivity with DevOps and how to properly manage deployment and infrastructure with DevOps from some of the best in the business.

Internet of Everything Summit

The development of AI gives us the perspective of smarter machines with greater access to data and expanded network opportunities. Internet connections already are not limited only to laptops, desktop computers and a handful of wearable devices.

The main purpose of Webit.Festival is to shape the digital future and IoE will be an integral part of every aspect of our lives. During the event, you can get knowledge about the best innovations in IoT, SmartHomes, M2M and Wearables from top level speakers.

Digital Health Summit

Every big name in business will tell you that healthcare is the worst managed and least efficient system worldwide. As Health quickly is becoming a new path for development of wearable devices more and more companies are trying to create software and hardware solutions to this new demand.

The Health and Wellbeing Summit focuses on topics like Mobile Health Applications and Devices, Medication monitoring & Wellness Devices, Chronic Care Management, Genetic Science, Pharma Technologies and Telemedicine Developments.

Security & Privacy Summit

Soon after the creation of WikiLeaks and revelations of Edward As we are living in more and move digitalized world the secure transfers of information are becoming a priority for every big company worldwide, and the recent situations in the USA only show that nobody can feel completely safe about his personal and corporate information.

Webit.Festival shows how in the information age data security is quickly becoming one of the most wanted commodities and how thosе who offer it can become the leaders of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Big Data & Cloud Summit

The technology of analysis, capture, data curation search, sharing, storage, transfer and visualisation of complex databases expanded so much for the last decade that it has become a must for the business.

Today’s BigData and Cloud Tech is creating the marketing strategies of the future with tools for predictive and user behavior analytics that extracts value from data. In turn, this creates amazing new opportunities for personalized advertising, products and service.

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