Dates: February 27 - March 1, 2018 | Register here
Prices: starting from USD 595,-
Location: Miami, The United States

Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference 2018

Workforce planning and analytics done well generates actionable workforce insights that drives growth.

Today’s business and data-driven HR leader analyzes the workforce alignment to the business, identifies the possible interventions, and measures the effectiveness of those interventions.

Done right, workforce planning coupled with the power of analytics is a fine-tuned engine that drives the business forward.

However, workforce planning and analytics is too often an ancillary—rather than a core—function.

HCI’s Workforce Planning and People Analytics conference will bring together HR leaders who know the value of making strategic planning and actionable analytics, essential for decision making.

You’ll walk away with latest trends and best practices to move your business into the future.

Main reasons to attend

  • Keep Up with the Latest in People Analytics & Workforce Planning

With the rapid pace of change in markets and the increasing accessibility of AI and other technologies, workforce planning and people analytics are constantly evolving. The conference brings together HR leaders who know the value in making these functions key to decision making.

  • Customize Your Experience Based on Your Learning Goals

Attend the sessions that best match your learning objectives. The Workforce Planning Implementation track will explore the latest research on addressing future workforce gaps and building a clear methodology in the process, while the Actionable Analytics track focuses on how to best use analytics to align your organizations with the business strategy.

  • Network in Interactive Roundtable Sessions

Engage in interactive roundtables designed to help you connect with industry experts and your peers as you dig deeper and work through your real-world business challenges.

  • Join Hands-On Workshops

For the beginner and those in need of a refresher on the basics of workforce planning, people analytics and organizational design, workshops are where the rubber meets the road. With a 3-day conference pass, you can participate in practical and tactical workshops.

Who should attend?

The conference will bring together HR executives, strategic planners, analytics specialists, organizational gurus, and business leaders to better understand the mix of hard and soft skills needed to make smarter, data-driven talent decisions to drive business impact.

  • CHROs
  • CFOs and Finance
  • HR Directors
  • HR Business Partners/Analyst
  • Organizational Development and Designers
  • Talent Management
  • Training and Development
  • Workforce Planning
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Strategic Planning/Modeling
  • Human Resource Informational Systems (HRIS)
  • HR Technology
  • HR Operations
  • Talent Acquisition/Recruiting

More reasons to attend

Presentations in our Hands-on Workshops, Future-Think Keynotes, Workforce Planning Implementation Track and Actionable Analytics Track will focus on how to embed evidence-based talent strategy throughout your organization.

The conference will help you:

  • Stay Business-focused. Articulate the connection between talent and business success. Use the language of the business, not workforce planning- or HR-speak.
  • Navigate the Data. Only scientifically validated and cross-functional analysis can help prioritize HR strategies. Ask the right questions. Find the right data.
  • Create Networks of Expertise. Scenario planning depends on a large amount of organizational information from across the business to generate an accurate picture of future supply-and-demand. Connect with the right partners.

What you’ll learn

Become a valuable contributor to strategic decisions by learning to:

  • Stay ahead of future workforce trends
  • Design for a new workforce—virtual, contingent, freelance, machine
  • Maximize ROI on workforce investment
  • Collaborate with Talent Acquisition to address and fill organizational gaps
  • Make better buy-build-borrow decisions
  • Reduce voluntary turnover
  • Analyze and develop a more robust leadership pipeline
  • Connect with Finance and build better budgets

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