Dates: October 11-12, 2017 | Register here
Prices: starting from EUR 199,-
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

World Summit AI 2017

The World Summit AI is the result of a unique collaboration between the global City.Ai Network and 100+ international AI events.

A Global Platform for AI Innovation

Bringing together the 3 pillars of AI System: Enterprise, Startups & Investors and Deep Tech for an exclusive 2 days of knowledge-sharing and valuable networking opportunities. World Summit AI will help guarantee fast-paced innovation and safe progress in machine and deep learning while sparking new partnerships, investment projects and tech collaborations.

  • Enterprise: The CEOs and company leaders applying AI on a high-level, high-impact commercial scale right now.
  • Deep tech: Leaders and developers from the genius-packed tech giants who are really pushing the boundaries of innovation in AI. Academics who are redefining the boundaries of AI.
  • Startups, Scaleups & Investors: The agile creatives who are innovating at pace, creating entirely new models for AI application. The VCs, seed funders, angels, and incubators fuelling them.

Through presentations, innovation showcases, workshops and focus groups, the 2000+ attendees will debate, discuss and collaborate to positively influence AI, not only of tomorrow, but of the next decade and beyond.

It is the first event designed specifically to maximise innovation by synthesising intelligence across all knowledge domains of AI by bringing together a super diverse audience, passionate about shaping the future of AI.

(It’s also going to be a lot of fun! Super interactive, lots of working AI, good food and interesting social events).

Built on a network of 100+ AI events

Word Summit.Ai is built upon City.Ai, a unique infrastructure of 100+ industry-organised events run in 25+ cities worldwide. The Founders of City.Ai work locally and globally to help people master the field of Applied AI technology.

Due to this established and fast growing network of City Founders, City.AI and Summit.AI have created an international infrastructure for the greatest AI minds, pioneers and explorers from around the world.

  • 2000+ AI Explorers: The elite technical, commercial and managerial talent in AI
  • 120+ Speakers: The worlds key AI thinkers, do-ers and commercialisers
  • 100+ StartUps: The very latest and greatest in the super-agile startup space

What you can expect

Everyone loves to learn and there is a LOT to learn in AI. That’s why we’re bringing together, in one place, all the key brains who are passionate about the shaping the future of AI.

From presentations and announcements to interactive on-site technology demonstrating the latest and coolest in AI, to eating tasty food and mingling with the key thinkers at social events; you’re going to enjoy yourself at World Summit AI. The bots told us so.

Talk, meet, talk

World Summit AI has been designed specifically to maximise innovation by synthesising intelligence across all knowledge domains of AI.

Networking is key. We think it’s only by bringing together the ecosystem in this way we can cultivate knowledge exchange and innovation at the pace AI is moving.

Location – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most culturally diverse and advanced cities in the world, one where people are as empowered to cycle as they are by using technology to innovate in their work and life.

With talent from local universities that are top-ranked globally, a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem, and a nice central location, we believe Amsterdam is the perfect place to hold the annual gathering of AI’s best thinkers, do-ers and commercialisers.

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