Deadline: January 31, 2024 23:59 GMT+0800
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Eligibility: born after 11 April 1993, already have or are in the final year of study for a Bachelor’s degree, never attended YGS or Yenching Social Innovation Forums
Location: Peking University, Beijing, China
Price: Fully funded

Are you a strong leader ready to participate in nuanced and interdisciplinary discussions regarding China? Join the Yenching Global Symposium 2024 with this year’s theme “Equilibrium: Our World in Balance”. 

The Yenching Academy invites you to Peking’s historic campus for a conference filled with international scholars and young professionals from a wide range of fields. What is more your trip will be fully funded, including housing and accommodations.

The Yenching Global Symposium thrives in engaging scholars in interdisciplinary dialogues on China’s key issues and solutions to pressing global challenges. To do so, it invites emerging leaders as well as established practitioners.

Eligibility criteria for Yenching Global Symposium 2024

If understanding China interests you and would like to have a chance to join this amazing event, here are the non-negotiable criteria for delegates:

  • born after the 11th of April 1993
  • demonstrate proficiency in English
  • hold a Bachelor’s degree or are in the final year of study in any field
  • available to fully commit to the symposium, 11-14 April 2024
  • never attended any of the previous Yenching Global Symposiums or Yenching Social Innovation Forums
  • strong interest in China

Engaging in additional China-related activities, be they academic, voluntary, professional, or extra-curricular, will be viewed as a bonus.

The organizers will gladly welcome you, regardless of your background, as long as you demonstrate dedication to the Symposium and a desire to understand China.

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Equilibrium: Our World in Balance

 The presentation of the subject for each day will be as follows:

You will be able to explore how 21st-century technological innovations are influencing Chinese society in a cultural context.

This day will provide you with an opportunity to learn about different cultures’ insights into environmental issues by prominent environmentalists, artists, and academics from around the world.

The last day will give you focus on technological solutions to address climate change and evolving renewable energy technology. The focus will be not only global but mainly on how China is addressing environmental problems through innovations.

Apply for the Yenching Global Symposium and let yourself be inspired by renowned speakers, learn from experienced practitioners, share your experience, and build long-lasting relationships with a community of change-makers.

Learn more about the event on the symposium’s website.

Interested in applying for the Yenching Global Symposium 2024? Register your participation by following the application link and taking the suggested steps.

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