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Eligibility: Check the eligibility for each category below
Prizes: The total prize fund is US$3 million

Zayed Sustainability Prize 2018

The Zayed Sustainability Prize is a tribute to the legacy of the late founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – a visionary champion of environmental stewardship and global sustainability.

This annual award celebrates achievements that are driving impact, innovation and inspiration across five distinct categories: Health, Food, Energy, Water and Global High Schools.

Submit your entry today and join a growing community of innovators who are expanding the possibilities for a sustainable future.

Prize Categories

The Zayed Sustainability Prize is awarded to organisations and high schools that demonstrate outstanding initiatives, assessed through our three core criteria: Innovation, Impact, and Inspiration.

To be eligible for the Health, Food, Energy and Water prizes, you should be a small or medium-sized enterprise, a social enterprise, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), a non-profit organisation (NPO), or a similar organisation (with revenues of less than US$50million per year).

  • Health

You empower people by giving them access to affordable healthcare. Your organisation is active in improving maternal and newborn health, tackling epidemics and illness from pollution and hazardous chemicals and providing access to basic and affordable healthcare.

  • Food

You empower people by giving them access to safe and affordable food. Your organisation is taking active part in ending hunger and malnutrition, ensuring sustainable food production systems, increasing agricultural productivity and promoting seed type and animal population diversity.

  • Energy

You empower people by providing access to energy and energy efficiency solutions.

  • Water

You empower people by providing access to safe and affordable drinking water. Your organisation is active in improving water quality, sanitation, water use efficiency, protection of water-related ecosystems and community participation.

  • Global High Schools

High Schools from the Americas, Europe & Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia & Pacific, South Asia and MENA are eligibile to apply

This prize will be given to global high schools from six geographic regions that can demonstrate impact, innovation and inspiration to enable inclusive and equitable access to quality education.

Schools must propose projects that can be implemented within 12-24 months with tangible outcomes in the areas of sustainable energy, water, food and health.

The projects need to be designed to deliver positive educational impact including access to quality education and ensure that students are given key skills and enhanced abilities to achieve their goals. Ideally, projects should demonstrate new and innovative approaches and be inspirational for others.

The total prize fund is US$3 million, distributed as follows

  • Health – $600,000
  • Food – $600,000
  • Energy – $600,000
  • Water – $600,000
  • Global High Schools – $600,000 – (divided amongst 6 Schools one from each region, awarding each up to US$100,000)

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