Drawing new customers to your website might not be as difficult as you think. While there are millions of websites trying to gain traffic, there are also millions of users who are looking for quality products and services. Locating these potential customers and approaching them can solve all your marketing woes.

A simple touch of personalization in promotion: how to achieve it?

This holiday season leverage the festive spirit to reach out to your target consumers. You can go back to your consumer database. Sift through the hundreds or thousands of names and contact details you already have. If you already have a dedicated consumer database segmenting tool, use it to create groups of recipients.

You can stick to traditional email marketing practices or send a token to their physical mailing address. Remember to add a touch of personalization to convey their importance to your brand. You can send personalized greetings cards and coupons containing their name and a special message. Check out iCustomLabel for ideas on personalized promotional gifts this holiday season, they provide occasion-based personalization of holiday cards, drinkware, placemats and coasters, and every other promotional product conceivable. Choosing a personalization service for your eCommerce marketing can boost your brand recall by more than 58%.

Would you be a fool to not invest in video marketing?

Since 2017, video marketers receive 66% more leads every year, and their brand awareness sees a 54% increase. Video marketing can utilize more than promotional videos that we typically refer to as TVCs. Video content marketing does not entail exuberant expenses. You can use older video interviews, create a video for audio webinars, or find relevant content from across the web.

Today, vlogs have become one of the leading sources of traffic for one of the software developing giants – Adobe. Others, including Bon Appetit, Tiege Hanley, Linus Tech Tips, and WWE, utilize the extensive reach of branded video content to rake in more viewers and subscribers each day!

According to vlogging experts like Rand Fishkin and Brian Tracy, video is the present and future of eCommerce marketing. More than 53% of all consumers purchase from a brand after engaging with their video content either on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. An impressive a whopping 72% of consumers prefer video over text to learn about a new brand!

This is your chance to introduce yourself to a new market in a timely and cost-efficient manner, holding the hands of video marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing in 2019: how to make the best of it?

Referral marketing is the traditional method of “talking” about a brand and its products. It is as simple as using recommendations, reviews, and testimonials to spread the word about a brand’s high-quality services and products. Referrals can provide your company with a competitive advantage.

Word-of-mouth marketing has the potential to drive 5x more sales than paid marketing campaigns. It is an organic marketing strategy that people prefer over social media ads, TVCs, and print ads. The average referred lead has 33% more chances of conversion than other leads from various other channels.

American consumers are especially partial towards referral marketing if the lead manages to trigger an emotion and carries a practical value. Most importantly, during word-of-mouth marketing, there should be a story supporting the lead. People share stories, not merely data. Unless you have a storyline to support your referral marketing campaign, you will face some difficulty in achieving your target ROI.

Who reads promotional newsletters anyway?

Promotional newsletters might not be a new concept, but it is one that works! No, it is not the same as promotional emails, and they don’t contain 100% sales-related content. The smart and effective way to write newsletters is by including around 80% educational content and only 20% promotional content.

The first duty of the marketer is to segment the email recipients’ list according to demographics. Next, figure out the type of newsletter your audience will appreciate most. The best example in this aspect is BuzzFeed with their “This Week in Cats,” “BuzzFeed Animals Newsletter,” and “BuzzFeed DIY Newsletter.” The names signify the content of the newsletters and attract the target viewers without any doubt.

While you are up and about looking for your newsletter material, you should set an expectation on your subscribe page. Ask your team to come up with interesting subject lines for your email. That is one way to ensure that you inspire curiosity among the recipients of that newsletter email.

Invest in a premium email opening rate tracking tool. You should be able to track how many recipients open the emails and respond to the CTA hidden in the promotional part of the content.

Do not forget to adopt a minimal strategy while drafting the content, CTA, and the layout of the newsletter.

How to use Instagram posts for boosting brand visibility?

Instagram marketing is a part of the highly rewarding social media marketing strategy that most millennial entrepreneurs swear by. Instagram marketing mostly makes use of images, videos, and media carousels to draw the attention of target Instagram users.

Media files are not the only important part of Instagram marketing content. The marketing team has to run a thorough research on the trending hashtags and keywords that should find a place in the description of the media. Additionally, the images should brandish a filter like Lark, Ludwig, Mayfair, and Valencia throughout a campaign.

Instagram marketing can be a part of your SEO campaign, as long as you manage to cross-promote your content across other platforms too. Using the right hashtags can make your Instagram posts visible on Google search engine results pages for relevant search terms. Each of these listings serves as links and ranking signals, and we all know how Google feels about organic ranking signals right now!

If you have enough high-quality, exciting images that pertain to your brand’s personality, you should think about setting up an Instagram campaign using power packed social media marketing automation tools. This helps you put your brand’s visibility and recall marketing on autopilot.

Following these five steps can help your company become significantly more visible on the web and attract more organic traffic. Improving your conversion rate and shortening the length of the sales funnel is not rocket science, but it does take a keen understanding of consumer behavior.

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