Voice marketing is on the high-rise.

If you are seeking the most productive marketing tactics to enhance your brand and stand out from the crowd, think VOICE.


Because humans are particularly lazy.

As a result, most premium brands in the market have made it to the top because they focused on providing user convenience.

For instance, Uber is famous because they’ve made getting a taxi accessible. Swiggy makes easy delivery of food, etc.

Since people are intrinsically lazy, they prefer speaking over typing and voice search proves to be a highly valuable tool in that context.

The rise of Voice marketing is also due to an increasing number of individuals using smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo with enabled voice functionalities.

4 tips for enhancing your voice marketing in 2019

This brings in an immense need for a full-stack digital marketer to enhance their voice marketing and make them stand out from the crowd.

To make your life easier, here are 4 tips to step your game with voice marketing in 2019.

4. Get ready for the new voice ads

Soon, Amazon will approach brands to execute advertisements on its Echo device. Once this holds true, we might see an increase in paid media opportunities for voice marketing.

Talking about “brand voice,” it is evident that SEO marketing experts will be developing recognizable voices for the brands that can listen to on devices that use voice.

Today, apps like Google’s actions and Alexa’s skills offer an opportunity to brands in exploring this space. It also sets the pace for brands in the expected growth in voice marketing.

3. Target the Answer Box in Google

The answer box in Google assists power voice search. SEO needs to be optimized by SEO marketing firms for ranking in this segment.

Brands must implement keyword research for identifying the queries that their potential clients are seeking. Some tools like Moz, SEMrush, Keyword Planner and Conductor can be of help.

Develop a content marketing strategy on your website that directly or indirectly provides a practical solution to your target market. Structure these answers in formats such as:

  • Table,
  • List or
  • Bullets
    This makes your content relevant and increases the chances that it gets selected to the answer box of Google.

Next step is utilizing that structured data. Various search engines including Google, are encouraging online experts to organize their data with the help of structured data.

Structured markup is an effective way to ensure that your content is highly utilized and read out on Google home devices.

2. Schema markup for developing “how to” content

In 2017, questions concerning “how to” were highly sought-after on voice assistants by the users.

This brings a great need for online marketing strategy consultants to develop content for businesses that answer “how to” in such a format that is search engine friendly.

It is feasible with the help of schema markup. It is a piece of code that is included in web content.

Schema markup is a structured vocabulary that enhances your content with additional meaning.

By utilizing “how to” schema markup in your site content, you offer virtual assistants and search engines with precise instructions on the queries related to “how to.”

Not only this, pages that have such markups have more chances of returning than the ones that do not have the markups.

1. Mobile page speed optimization

Though there is an increase in demand and popularity for smart speaker devices, they cannot in any way compete with the convenience and sheer ubiquity of smartphones.

For on-the-go voice search (such as finding local businesses), consumers will search for or speak on their mobile devices only.

Therefore, any voice strategy would be incomplete if mobile SEO is not involved in the picture.

Speed is an essential aspect on mobile devices, and even Google penalizes slow sites.

If your site loads quickly on mobile, the consumers will experience a smooth and swift connection from voice search to your site.

This also gives you an added advantage of visibility and ranking in mobile search.

Have you ever checked on your site’s speed?

Get a run at it through PageSpeed Insights or Mobile-Friendly Test on Google.

You will get recommendations on boosting your site speed on mobiles, the implementation of which will offer you better chances of returning for queries in the voice search.


It is obvious that the future of voice advertising is on the rise.

As a start, Amazon has currently launched a 7-inch screen powered by Alexa, while Google has also launched Google Smart Display- its competitive product.

Whether it is with voice advertising, voice search or the presence of a brand on voice devices, VOICE is definitely on the rise as a leading marketing channel. These voice marketing tips will offer you a solid start to build your presence on the voice channels.

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