There are some cool HR events happening in USA this year, too! Check out the best HR conferences in the US in 2019!

Would you like to gain insights into the latest trends, exchange ideas with peers, learn new strategies and tactics to leverage your HR game?

The best opportunities to do so are listed below in chronological order.

This overview includes carefully selected events for HR enthusiasts and professionals.

These events will help you improve the organizational culture of your company and solve common HR challenges.

Must-attend HR conferences in Europe in 2019

HR conferences in May 2019

  • Chatham House Future of Work | May 13, London, UK | The conference will examine the main drivers transforming the world of work
  • X4 | May 15, Munich, Germany | Hear how some of Germany’s biggest brands create breakthrough experiences, all in one of Munich’s most original venues
  • HR Core NORDIC | May 15-16, Copenhagen, Denmark | Join 160+ HR professionals in Copenhagen and raise your level of HR awareness
  • HRTechX | May 21, Copenhagen, Denmark | Get introduced to the latest HR technologies by the experts from the leading companies within their area of expertise
  • HR and People Analytics MeetUp | May 21, London, UK | Bringing together a community of HR and non-HR data enthusiasts in order to share stories and experiences from the HR and People Analytics industry
  • Recruiting Convent | May 22-23, Dusseldorf, Germany | RC19 looks at digitization and customization with a creative perspective in order for participants to prosper within HR
  • IQPC Employee Experience for Global | May 22-23, Barcelona, Spain | Increase NPS, revenue, profitability and bring your brand to life through an agile Employee Experience design
  • HR Vision | May 23-24, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | HR Vision will give you the tools you need to build an empowered workplace for employees and new hires.
  • X4 | May 28, Stockholm, Sweden | Get the inside story on how some of the most famous brands in Sweden created breakthrough experiences

HR conferences in June 2019

  • HR360 European Summit | June 4-5, Vienna, Austria | HR360 is THE meeting place for Global and European HR leaders from the World’s biggest companies to share practical insights on how to boost the business bottom line
  • X4 | June 4, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | Be inspired to create ‘wow’ moments for your customers and employees, with stories from some of the biggest brands in the Netherlands and XM leaders
  • X4 | June 13, Paris, France | Learn from some of France’s biggest brands about how you can create breakthrough experiences
  • CIPD Festival of Work | June 12-13, London, UK | More than 7,000 attendees, over 130 speakers and 9 stages: that’s what you can expect at the Festival of Work in 2019
  • X4 | June 19, Madrid, Spain | Discover how you can create breakthrough experiences that turn your customers into fans and your employees into ambassadors
  • HRD Summit/Europe | June 19-20, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | The Summit brings together over 300 HR leaders from around the world
  • Onboard | June 20, London, UK | How you onboard is an employee’s first real experience with your company culture, so make it count!
  • Beyond HR Forum | June 20-21, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | The conference is one of the best networking and learning opportunities for HR professionals

HR conferences in July 2019

  • RecFest | July 11, London, UK | RecFest19 will bring together a massive 3,000 Talent Acquisition professionals to learn, educate, inspire and celebrate our industry at the largest independent resourcing event on the planet

HR conferences in August 2019

  • TBA

HR conferences in September 2019

  • Zukunft Personal Europe | September 17-19, Cologne, Germany | The leading exhibition dedicated to the world of work connects people and markets in the fields of HR management, digitisation and leadership for 20 years
  • Gartner Reimagine HR | September 18-19, London, UK | Discover what challenges Europe’s senior HR leaders are looking to solve, and develop new relationships with your peers during networking opportunities like interactive workshops and roundtables
  • London HR Summit | September 25, London, UK | The London HR Summit is a highly focused one day event that brings the HR industry together
  • Culture Works Summit | September 26, London, UK | Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from like-minded people who have had success in some areas, with challenges to solve in others

HR conferences in October 2019

  • HR Conference Barcelona |  October 4, Barcelona, Spain |  The most disruptive Conference about People, Technology, Humanity and Future of Work organized by Advantage Consultores with Top Speakers and participants from all over the world
  • Data-Driven HR & People Analytics | October 8-9, Warsaw, Poland | It is based on 4 success pillars to ensure outstanding delegate experience and value for your company’s money
  • Sourcing Summit Europe | October 8-10, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | Past delegates rated Sourcing Summit one of the best recruitment events in Europe. This year’s event promises to be even better.
  • HR Core Academy | October 16-17, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | Taking your HR knowledge to the next level
  • Unleash World Conference & Expo | October 22-23, Paris, France | The Unleash World Conference & Expo is hosted in Paris in 2019, showcasing the future of workforce technology
  • Social Recruiting Days | October 29-30, Berlin, Germany | It is a platform for European professionals to discuss mega trends like AI, New Work, Data Analytics and their relevance for Social Recruiting and HR

HR conferences in November 2019

  • CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition | November 6-7,  Manchester, UK | Explore the biggest professional issues of our time, the new role of the people profession, and how to effectively drive good work and good business
  • HR Forum | November 12-13, Oslo, Norway | 
  • The HR Congress | November 19-20, Nice, France | The HR Congress is more than just a conference – a place for senior HR professionals to meet and discuss the latest trends across the world of work.
  • HR Vision | November 20-21, London, UK | HR Vision explores the biggest challenges affecting HR and business today
  • Rethink! HRtech Europe | November 28-29, Berlin, Germany | Rethink! HRtech Europe is comprised of HR professionals that come together to discuss the latest technologies and strategies within HR

HR conferences in December 2019

  • TBA

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