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 Date: April 14, 2016
Eligibility: Students, Young professionals, curious people interested in learning more about startups
Cost: Free
Location: London, United Kingdom

Startup Open House London 2016

On April 14, between 5-8pm, be prepared to build your itinerary through the city’s registered startups, bring some resumes, business cards or just a good smile and hangout with London’s top entrepreneurs, where they create.

Walk in. Discover. Connect.

The Startup Open House SOH London 2016 is open to everyone and it’s free! This really is an open house, so come one, come all! With that being said, the visit will be particularly relevant if you consider yourself as being part of one or more of the following groups:

  • Students
  • Young professionals (bring business cards!)
  • Talent looking for jobs/internships (bring your resumé!)
  • Curious people interested in learning more about startups

Just make sure to register to reserve your spot!

The idea behind Startup Open House is, as hinted by the name, to open up our vibrant startup communities for visitors to discover. SOH are hoping this will help all of us gain more visibility among the general public, and make great connections in the process. The workplaces where startups grow are often the best places to learn about the company’s work, its mission, and its culture!

As you visit the startups, each startup will welcome you differently. All you should expect is an open door, and great people. If you want to get a hint at what the startup is planning, check them out on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They often share what they are up to!

  • Search
    Use their path builder to find out what startups are opening their doors in your city.
  • Build
    Select the startups you want to visit and build your path through these organizations.
  • And Enjoy
    Grab a beer with founders, drop off some resumes, test a new app and discover the startup culture.

How Startup Open House is different:

  • It’s free.
  • It’s all about startup culture and exposure
  • That’s why they assemble in 1 event small, emerging startups based in coworking spaces, with larger emerging startups with brand recognition to attract an audience.
  • The format is casual, as a reflection of startup culture: come in, grab a beer, with the staff, discover what people are working on.
  • There is a focus on talent: we catalog whether startups are hiring or not, share that info with participants, and ask startups to develop a clear method for job seekers.

For Startups

If you haven’t been a host startup before, Startup Open House is an opportunity to gain visibility, connect with top talent, and reach new customers (both individuals and companies). It’s a chance to showcase your product alongside other important actors in your city’s tech community. The formula is simple: Open your doors, and choose to greet your hosts whichever way you want (live demos, tours, presentations, informal networking, costumes, food, anything!).

How it works

  • Register and login to upload all company information
  • Promote, promote! Publicize this event just like any other you would host. Startups’ compounded publicity will amplify the event.
  • Greet participants as they enter your offices, offer tours, and introduce them to relevant staff.

Startup Open House is for startups by startups. By gathering the community, from the pioneers to the rising stars and the newly-formed startups, this event will shine light on the tech ecosystem. Startup Open House exists to help you recruit top talent, gain exposure among the general public, and develop fruitful business connections. We bring your city’s high performing job seekers, avid investors, and curious customers into your workplace for you to show-off how awesome you are.

To open your doors:

  1. You self identify as a startup and embody the startup spirit.
  2. You want to open your doors to attendees for the entire
  3. Innovation is at the core of your business model.

Why participate in Startup Open House:

  • Meet top talent who want to join the team. Meet investors who want to learn about your growth. Meet young professionals who want new apps, products, software, and connections, all in the comfort of your own office.
  • It’s a chance to bring people inside your company to discover what you really do, showcase your beautiful space, your quirkiness, your culture.
  • Support your city’s tech ecosystem. Startup Open House is about celebrating your community, your successes, and your collective awesomeness by showing how bright you shine.

What it means to open your doors:

  • Advertise your open house prior to the event, just like you would any other event you’d host.
  • Brief your team and make sure you have some plans (tours, contests, food and drinks, resume drop).
  • We’ve seen startups host everything from nerf gun wars to instagram contests and “pie a founder” sessions. It’s up to you!
  • Greet participants, give them stickers to identify themselves, give tours of your offices and point out the different staff (HR, marketing, product, developers, etc).

Forget about stuffy recruitment events, this is about showcasing your work, your team, and the awesome product you make! For any questions, get in touch:

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