Getting your business to trend or go viral can do huge things for your sales and profits.

More importantly, it can bolster growth at an unprecedented rate.

But getting your brand to go viral isn’t that simple otherwise all businesses would have done it many times over.

6 best ways to get your business trending

Getting your business to trend on digital platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, and traditional mediums, like newspapers and news channels, takes especially crafted strategies to pull off without breaking the bank.

Here are the top six ways to have your business trending in no time.

1. Create something new

The consumer market is saturated with dozens of products for each category, from toothbrushes to smartphones.

If you are planning to launch another new line of pillow products or sweater, bloggers and news reporters will likely not pick up the news piece for their audience.

Creating something completely new or taking something ordinary and doing something fresh, on the other hand, is noteworthy.

Just take Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino flavor as an example.

It picked up a lot of media when it was released a few months ago because it was different than the rest of the cappuccino blends that the market had.

2. Target the right audience

Knowing who your target market is is crucial to devising the right marketing approach and getting your business to trend.

See, for a business to trend, you need people to talk about it, and the only way people will be talking about your brand is if they are excited about new developments in your products or services.

Even if you have a fresh new product or service to offer, it won’t go viral if you’re pushing it to the wrong people.

3. Get involved in charitable causes

Being charitable and giving back to your community or to a cause can spark positive news regarding your company.

Helping out sick children at the hospital or cleaning up your neighborhood’s streets and parks can reflect positively on your brand and be picked up by local media.

Other common charitable ideas include participating in local food bank drives and helping rebuild housing for the poor after calamities have struck the community.

4. Get your business assessed

A comprehensive executive assessment done by an expert produces data regarding your business’ strengths and potential.

There are multiple methods used to evaluate the business’ ability to perform and helping select and fill out leadership positions in your company.

5. Network with people who can get the story out

Bloggers, news reporters and producers, and journalists are great connections to have when you’re a business owner or CEO.

Another important connection is the one you have with your customers.

Don’t forget about your customers when you’ve closed a sale.

They can still leave feedback long after the transaction has passed.

Regularly sending out personal email messages to your customers will encourage them to spread the word about your brand.

6. Get involved in digital marketing

If you don’t have ads online, then you are failing to cover potential target market.

There are several methods to market your business to the extent that it goes viral online.

This includes customer participation and polling, search engine optimization, mobile device integration, and blogging.

Depending on your product or service line, you can also produce YouTube videos and post them on social media.

Food for thought

Ultimately, it all comes down to how you think and perform as a business.

Getting attention from outsiders including consumers and potential investors can only happen effectively and organically if you continue to plan your next steps and execute flawlessly.

Think outside of the box and try to offer something refreshing and useful to the public. Innovation and creativity are your best friends when trying to get your business to trend.

What do you think? How do you make your business go viral? Let me know by leaving your thoughts and questions in the comment section below!

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