Deadline: October 19, 2017 | Accept the challenge!
Prize: $125,000 in cash
Eligibility: Anyone can participate

Seeking AI Experts to Create Odele’s Brain!

We all know the saying – “the only guarantees in life are death and taxes.” Most households treat taxes as an annual annoyance met with little preparation and a lot of aggravation.

While many systems already exist to ease the pain of annual filing, are they really guiding your finances in a way that makes tax planning as natural as setting up a monthly budget?

That’s why the Financial Gravity team has created the Odele’s Brain: Automated Tax Blueprint Challenge. They are seeking software developers and AI or machine learning experts to help design an automated tax operating system that centralizes all financial planning around tax savings and planning.

Who’s Odele?

Think of Odele as your own automated tax-planning assistant.

Maybe you were wondering if you could reduce your taxes, but couldn’t hire a tax or business advisor whose competence you can trust and whose services match your income level.

Be it forwarding an electronic tax file, talking to her via smartphone, or scanning and inputting data from your printed tax return, Odele will understand your needs.

She will utilize Financial Gravity’s proprietary optimal tax scenarios to help businesses find the best tax-planning options. If she requires more info to design a solution, she will just ask you.

The Prize

Besides the $125,000 prize pool, Financial Gravity would be looking to offer employment, contract and partnership opportunities to jointly create this new tax-planning tool as well as other related products.

Don’t miss your chance, and apply today!

For more info, please check out the official page of the challenge.

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