There are really only two ways to make money: earning it yourself or putting it to work for you pursuing the best investment opportunities.

Best investment opportunities while you’re young

While most people know how to earn money for themselves with a job, very few have mastered how to successfully put their money to work for them.

As a young person, it might seem like it’ll be forever before you’re financially independent. However, being young is actually a big advantage when it comes to investing.

You’ve got time on your side. Getting started investing at an early age can play a huge part in becoming financially independent in the future. 

Here are a few investment opportunities that you may want to consider taking advantage of while you’re young.

1. Startup companies

Getting involved with the right startup could make all the difference in your financial life. If you have the skills necessary to help a startup get off the ground, it can be a fantastic opportunity.

Silicon Valley is a well-known haven for tech startups and that spirit of innovation has led to some amazing success stories. 

Companies like Facebook, Paypal and Google have all sprung out of an idea and a core team of people working together. 

If you can get equity in a startup company with a winning concept and a solid group of entrepreneurs, it could provide excellent returns.

2. Virtual currency

One of the most interesting ideas to evolve out of the tech world in recent years is that of virtual currency, such as Bitcoin. 

The concept of a decentralised currency that is not controlled by governments is intriguing to many. 

Initially, Bitcoin was met with a great deal of scepticism, but those who got in early were able to accumulate a large amount of Bitcoin for a minimal investment.

With the value of Bitcoin exploding, those who took a chance on it are reaping the rewards. Since then, many virtual currencies have been created and implemented.

Virtual currencies like Bitcoin have become more and more common, with many merchants now accepting them. 

These currencies can be used like cash, but also provide some anonymity and safety for the user. As the user base continues to grow, the potential for significant value increases is massive.

3. Equity investment

It might seem like a boring investment. Yet, investing in equities is a tried and true method that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down over the long term.

For most people, it’s wise to invest in index funds and possibly mutual funds. 

Investing in an individual stock can be a big risk, and it’s extremely difficult to pick winners without some kind of inside information.

In addition to buying equities, it’s also a good idea to utilise dollar-cost averaging when you buy. This is a strategy in which you buy stock over an extended period, a little bit at a time.

For example, you buy $100 of stock on the first of every month. By doing this, the cost of the security is averaged out.

When the price is down, you buy more shares. When it’s up, you buy fewer. Over time, it will allow you to accumulate securities and build your portfolio.

Regardless of what type of investment opportunities you pursue, it’s critical to expect success. Wealth coach, Steve Down, recommends writing out a detailed vision of the wealth that you want to accumulate.

By writing out a wealth vision, you’ll be able to get a crystal clear picture of the life you want.

At that point, you’ll have a better idea of which investment opportunities to pursue and what to do overall.

What do you think about these investment opportunities? Have you tried making your money to work with any of these methods? Let me know in the comments below.

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