Dates: November 5-6, 2020 | Register here
Prices: free tickets available
Location: Online

Code Mesh V 2020

Code Mesh V is a two-day virtual conference, bringing together users and speakers of different functional programming languages and alternative tech.

The conference will run virtually across US and European time zones so that people who have been unable to visit Code Mesh previously in the UK will finally have the ideal opportunity to enjoy live talks, workshops, networking and idea-sharing no matter where they are located.

Why attend?

Code Mesh V brings together a wide range of alternative technologies and programming languages and the diverse people who use them to solve real-world problems in the software industry.

The event promotes “the right tools for the job”, as opposed to automatically choosing the tools at hand. And ‘tools’ means technologies, programming languages, libraries, databases, operating systems, hardware platforms, or more generally techniques, styles or paradigms.

In the spirit of learning from one another, it encourages the sharing of innovative ideas, through inspiring projects, top talks, in-depth tutorials, and networking opportunities.


  • Concurrency, multicore & parallelism
  • Distributed systems
  • The history and the philosophy of computer science
  • Non-mainstream programming languages
  • Infrastructure

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