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Dates: September 13 - October 17, 2020
Tuition fee: USD 12,000,- (financial aid available)
Location: Silicon Valley, CA, the United States

Draper University Hero Training 2020

Draper University Hero Training is an intensive, immersive five-week entrepreneurship program in Silicon Valley, CA.

During your stay at the San Mateo campus, you’ll develop the essential startup skills you need to launch and sustain a successful venture, gain exposure to industry experts and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs who share your vision of changing the world.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have gone from human to hero

Many Draper University students have already earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad.

While these institutions provide a solid academic background, they don’t offer much in the way of training for entrepreneurial success.

This accelerator programs in Silicon Valley offer a much different educational experience. Instead of sitting in a classroom, you’ll learn from renowned leaders and innovators who are already where you want to be.

The course encompasses a wide range of timely, relevant topics that every aspiring entrepreneur must master to achieve success. Plus, there aren’t many “traditional” universities that give you the chance to pitch your ideas to venture capitalists to secure funding.

Why Draper University?

Draper University was founded by venture capitalist Tim Draper. At Draper University, you will go from an idea to a product and scale your existing business to the next level with top-tier venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Past speakers have included Elon Musk (Tesla), Aaron Levie (Box), and Tony Hsieh (Zappos). Live and learn in Silicon Valley while building a strong network of life-long mentors and friends. Come join 1000+ alumni who have launched their own startups, raised $240+M in venture funding, and have sold their companies for multiple millions and have been featured in Forbes 30 under 30.


This entrepreneurship certificate program covers a wide range of modules that every aspiring entrepreneur must understand and master.

Vision & Future

  • Futurology
  • Idea Generation
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Young Founder Series

Money & Resources

  • Bitcoin
  • Venture Capital
  • Banking & Finance
  • Fundraising Strategies

Speed & Strength

  • Prototyping
  • Founders vs. CEOs
  • Scaling Your Business
  • Lean Startup Methodology

Legal & Justice

  • Term Sheets
  • Incorporation
  • Company Structure
  • Law Primer for Startups

Special Powers

  • Coding
  • Negotiations
  • Lie Detection
  • Perfecting Your Pitching


  • Pretotyping
  • Design Thinking
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Designing Products & Teams


  • Media Training
  • Branding & Storytelling
  • Power Up Your Network
  • Sales & Digital Marketing


  • Warrior Mindset
  • Lessons in Failure
  • Resource Valuation
  • Critical Success Factors

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