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Prices: starting from GBP 495,-
Location: London, The United Kindom

Influencer Marketing Conference 2017

Join Influencer Marketing Conference to rub shoulders with Europe’s top marketers from over 100 multinational brands, platforms and agencies pre-registered to attend the conference.

The speaker and panelist lineup are packed with founders and CEOs from the industry’s top companies.

Attendees will learn from the best about topics relevant to anyone in the business strategies for influencer activation, relationship management, the ins and outs of compliance, accurately measuring ROI.

But you won’t just learn how to do things for the present; you’ll be inspired for where you can take things in the future.

The agenda was designed not just to celebrate what influencing marketing has achieved, but to take an active role in shaping its future.

The day will have something for everyone, from marketers to platform providers to agencies to influencers themselves.

Topics include:

Influencer Marketing Automation

From software-based programmatic campaign strategies to artificial intelligence that distinguish influencers among your customers, technology plays a huge role in automating marketing at scale.

You’ll dive into automation best practices, and examine the ways it can provide real value to your marketing.

ROI Deep Dives

Understanding ROI with influencer marketing can be complicated, made worse by the fact that no one’s agreed on a standard measurement for it.

This, despite the mountains of campaign data that are available to marketers and brands. You’ll look at how to analyse that data to better understand what you got out of your influencer marketing budget, and get accurate, actionable insights into pushing ROI even further.

Influencer Discovery

There are plenty of tools available designed to help you find the right influencers.

But they won’t help you if you don’t know what you’re looking for—or how to find them.

Learn strategies for finding new talent, determining whether they’re a good fit, as well as any red flags to look out for.

Influencer Relationship Management

From the first contact to sustaining a good thing, there’s a lot to cover around how to keep your favorite influencers in it for the long run.

But you won’t just learn methods for keeping influencers engaged with your brand.

You’ll learn to segment influencers into different relational stages, and the best way to keep them interested at each stage.

FTC Compliance

Influencer marketing has come under fire recently as social campaigns blur the line between content and advertising.

The rules on transparency are still being written, but we don’t need to wait for them to start marketing responsibly now.

Influencers and brands alike will learn how to proactively achieve compliance without sacrificing authenticity.

Influencer Platforms vs. Influencer Agencies

Some influencer platforms amount to a self-service talent agency, so brands will usually choose between one or the other.

It doesn’t always have to be an either/or situation, though—and platforms and agencies don’t need to consider each other natural enemies.

There’s an opportunity for collaboration, ways in which they can work together to grow the industry.

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