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Mérida, México

International Student Energy Summit 2017

Student Energy ‘s International Student Energy Summit (SES) is a global event that brings together the world’s brightest students to learn and discuss the current issues and trends in energy.

The event is planned completely by students and brings together 700+ young energy leaders from over 100 countries as well as renowned energy experts from across the globe.

The vision for ISES 2017 is an event that will build on the success of past conferences and inspire students to play a role in transitioning the world to a sustainable energy future.

The Players

  • The 800 students: Brilliant young minds from more than 120 countries will join together as we become the leaders of tomorrow’s energy system.
  • The speakers: Top leaders of the global energy system will share knowledge and collaborate with the delegates.
  • The partners: The partners that make this possible are leading energy companies, government agencies, and academic institutions who support the talent needed for our ever-changing world of energy.

Mission and Targets

  • Educate: Educate students on energy and sustainability by helping them to understand the challenges and opportunities that face our global energy system.
  • Unite: like-minded students motivated to lead the world to a sustainable energy future.
  • Inspire: students with the knowledge and courage to challenge the energy system.


The SES 2017 program provides students with the opportunity to broaden their energy knowledge base, think critically, and open their minds to new perspectives. Delegates will be challenged to learn about energy issues at the global scale and garner the skills required to solve them.

Building on an 8-year history, the conference has a diverse format made specifically for students. Activities and panels include:

  • Keynotes from leading experts and thought leaders
  • Panel sessions designed to encourage productive and provocative debate
  • Specialized breakout sessions to strengthen knowledge
    Interactive program elements to give students hands-on experience
  • Social events that capture the essence of the host location – Mérida, México


A key principle that embedded within ISES is the need for a multidisciplinary approach to the world’s energy opportunities and challenges. The program focuses on three main pillars to ensure this balance exists:

  • Markets and Regulation: analyses the context of the current energy system by evaluating the market forces and policies that influence its development.
  • Global Energy Dynamics: addresses how energy impacts geopolitics and global development as the world becomes increasingly interdependent.
  • Technology and Innovation: focuses on new processes and technologies being developed and implemented in both conventional and alternative disciplines.


Most summits tend to leave aside the most important aspect of what makes a summit great: the interaction between its participants. One of ISES main goals is for you to meet the people that will help you release your full potential.

Great Hands-On Case Study Competition

This is a team competition that will start one month before the Summit. Students will be provided with a real energy case study from Yucatán, and required to provide an integral multidisciplinary project as a solution.

Teams will be arranged by us based on diversity: ISES wants students from around the world, from different study fields to face the challenge of getting to know each other only through online means, and having to come up with a professional solution to a real problem.

The winning team will have space during the Summit to present their results. This will allow other delegates to witness what you are capable of when your potential is released.

Poster Presentations

ISES believes in what every participant has to bring to the movement. Students involved in different projects will have the opportunity to submit their work and generate a poster that will be displayed during the Summit.

With this, they seek to boost networking and foster collaboration among students with similar interests and compatible experiences.

Innovation Jam

It’s a session where students decide what goes. They use it as a tool to facilitate discussion, spawn new ideas and learn more about important topics. Delegates were encouraged to pitch business models, technologies and ideas to their peers, to generate in-depth conversations and spark new ideas on energy.

The first 25 delegates with ideas, each chaired a table in the room, where they acted as facilitators of their discussion topic. Other students were free to move between topics, contributing thoughts, asking questions and contributing to ideas.

Collaborative seating

During sessions, they intend to present unexpected seating arrangements, different from the usual individual chairs row after row. This will incentivise you and other delegates to talk with their tablemates. Also, people must change places between sessions.

Students on Stage

SES is a summit for students and by students, so why not have students take the stage? Students have a lot to say, and can have the most intriguing and unthought of views on current issues.

ISES wants student voices to be heard. For certain panels, they will have a seat amongst world leaders reserved for a student. You could be this student.


Workshops at the Yucatán Science and Technology Park

Be it state of the art technology, sustainable living, entrepreneurship, anthropology, or so on, the Park is fit for workshops for all energy interests and fields of study, providing delegates with new tools for engaging in action.

Union through the Mexican Fiesta Spirit

Mexicans are well known for our warmth, hospitality, and awesome party spirit. It has been easily seen in previous SES, how Mexican fiesta has helped create new, friendly and long lasting connections, resulting in a more united and active network, an outcome they are definitely pursuing with SES 2017.

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