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Eligibility: The Northwest Entrepreneur Competition’s (NEC) Undergraduate Collegiate Division is open to any team comprised of all undergraduate degree-seeking candidates in good standing of an Inland Northwest institution of higher learning (four year or two year).

Northwest Entrepreneur Competition 2019

The Northwest Entrepreneur Competition (NEC) is a collaborative student startup competition dedicated to providing students with the invaluable academic exercise of implementing their innovative ideas for new businesses.

With a total of $42,000 in prize money and $20,000 in professional resources, the NEC provides young entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to turn a business plan into a life plan.

Competition categories

  • Technology: this category is for businesses or business ideas encompassing new technologies, products and processes that generally involve intellectual property. Undergraduate and high school students are eligible for this category.
  • Traditional: this category hosts business plans that involve the pursuit of more traditional retail, manufacturing, or service ventures. Social entrepreneurs and non-profit ventures also fall into this category. Undergraduate and high school students are eligible for this category.
  • Open category: this category is for submissions that have an endorsement from one or more community members, faculty led research or a graduate student. Undergraduate, high school and graduate students are eligible for this category.


All prize money is awarded no expectations or conditions on how it is spent. While many do, students are not required to invest this money into their proposed startups.

For those students competing with a community or faculty member in the Open Category, all prize money must go to the students on the team.

  • First place: $10,000
  • Second place: $3,000
  • Third place: $1,000

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