Deadline: August 17, 2021 00:00 CEST| Apply here
Eligibility: Startups from all around the world and from all stages (pre-seed, seed, or late-stage startup) can apply. Your startup has a solution in the B2B Agri-Food Tech sector in the so-called upstream area of the value chain. The target areas are Agriculture Biotechnology; Agribusiness marketplaces; Bioenergy & Biomaterial; Farm Management Software, Sensing or IoT, Farm Robotics; Mechanization & Equipment; Innovative Food & Ingredients; Supply chain solutions; Green B2B Packaging; Logistics of agricultural or food products; Novel Farming Systems and Community solutions.
Location: Hannover, Germany

RootCamp 2021

RootCamp – A SpinLab Incubator – is a stage-independent incubation program focused on AgriFood Tech innovation based in Hannover, Germany.

RootCamp supports startups who want to accelerate their paths to market and have a positive impact in the AgriFood Tech sector with disruptive solutions.

RootCamp provides an acceleration curriculum for early-stage startups but also fuel later-stage startups.

It also assists international companies to implement their solution within the European market. It provides access to the support network to help you with whatever you need to start scaling.

10 reasons why you should apply for RootCamp in Hannover

  1. The mission: you share the mission to disrupt the AgriFood value chain.
  2. Personalized program: the program is designed around your needs to help you achieve your goals. We focus our program on all aspects relevant for you such as legal&tax, marketing & PR, sales & internationalization, IT & HR.
  3. Working space: you will have an office to work for free in Hannover. In addition, the strategic partner K+S can offer lab space in Wunstorf at the Innopark Sigmundshall.
  4. Expertise: you’ll have the access to an extensive network of experts in all fields as well as personalized coaching sessions and an online learning platform.
  5. Focus on implementation: you will work together with big companies, such as our global partner K+S, and get traction through pilot projects.
  6. Capital and equity-free: you can get up to 50k euro in funding, while you keep 100% ownership of your startup.
    All phases: it does not matter whether you are a pre-seed, seed, or later stage startup.
  7. International: you will get in contact with startups from all around the world.
  8. Community: RootCamp belongs to an ecosystem made of an accelerator (SpinLab), a VC fund (Smart Infrastructure Ventures), and a digital hub (Smart Infrastructure Hub in Leipzig).
  9. Fun: you enjoy a fun atmosphere at work as much as others at RootCamp, with the motto “work hard play hard”!

Interested in applying for the RootCamp 2021? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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