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TNW Conference 2020

TNW Conference gathers 25,000 of the world’s brightest minds to explore the role tech will play in our collective future.

The 15th edition of the flagship event will bring our global speaker lineup and immersive digital experience to your living room.

Explore the 12 themes the speakers will discuss on stage at TNW2020 – from AI to design, there’s a track for everyone

1. Impact

The Impact stage brings together the biggest names in tech, to showcase inspiring talks from those driving the future of technology.

Looking for motivation, inspiration, and thought-provoking ideas? Impact is for you.

2. Growth Quarters

The path to scale is a crucial inflection point in any startup. It’s the phase that determines who will be able to stand out in an ever-crowded landscape.

At Growth Quarters, leaders from the world’s most successful companies will share knowledge that you can apply to fuel sustainable growth.

3. Checkout

For successful retailers, business-as-usual is long gone. But what’s next in 2020, and beyond?

Together with the FT, Checkout will explore what’s driving the retail revolution and spotlight the latest technologies retailers can adopt to retain customer loyalty and stay competitive.

4. Sustainable Societies

Greener and smarter tech must be adopted in order to reverse the damage we’ve done to our planet.

Together with the FT, Sustainable Societies provides much-needed clarity on how tech can help achieve global SDGs, and the role businesses can play in a climate-resilient world.

5. Re:brand

In this era of digital distractions, it’s more difficult than ever to pique the interest of consumers.

So, how can brands create a solid identity and strategy to capture the attention of their target audience and, more importantly, keep it? How will technology continue to shape the ever-evolving marketing landscape?

6. Neural

Artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning will radically transform ecommerce, healthcare, and beyond.

Neural examines the exciting possibilities and how we can ensure security and privacy as we move towards an AI-integrated future.

7. Shift

The future of movement is already in motion. How will the arrival of combined transport reshape transit in cities and beyond?
Together with the FT, Shift explores the latest mobility tech, trends, and challenges.

8. Form

Technology has created more accessible tools for the production of art, changed the arena of self-expression, and accelerated the process in which art can be interpreted and distributed. But, what does the future hold?

9. Future of Work

Tech is transforming the fundamental nature of work. From embracing remote work to attracting new talent, how can companies and individuals adapt to upcoming trends, and what will a work week look like?

10. Sprint

An intuitive user experience is no longer optional for digital products.
With higher standards than ever, how can digital designers build tools that not only deliver but surprise and delight? Discover new product design trends and practices at Sprint.

11. Transform

How can big businesses stay relevant as new tech trends emerge each day?
Overcome challenges facing digital corporate innovation by discussing the latest innovations and best practices.

12. Ecosystems

Tech has the power to enhance the lives of every citizen. From generating jobs to offering new services, governments are turning to digital solutions. How can cities and nations build strong tech ecosystems?

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