Deadline: June 27, 2021 00:00 CEST
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Eligibility: The Challenge is open to Master, MBA and PhD students (full or part-time) from any university worldwide. Participants should have an interest in management, finance, strategy and risk management or similar subjects. Multiple teams representing the same university can join the Challenge.

Zurich Enterprise Challenge 2021

The Zurich Enterprise Challenge gives you an opportunity of a lifetime to work with one of the world’s top insurance companies and interact with its corporate customers to solve real-life strategy and business challenges.

The challenge: Climate Change Risk Analysis

The current climate change debate confronts senior decision-makers in multinational organizations all over the world with the challenge to understand how their business and risk environment will and must adjust in response to climate change.

Even in countries, which are currently less directly impacted by climate change, organizations that fail to implement adequate climate change mitigation strategies might face adverse consequences for their supply chain, operations, workforce or reputation.

Multinational organizations need to implement adequate mitigation actions in order to manage their operations and risk landscape in countries directly and indirectly impacted by climate change.

At the same time, they need to conduct strategic planning in order to explore innovative ways of managing associated risk exposures in the long-term.


Describe potential short- and long-term risks and consequences of climate change for multinational organizations.

Thereby, first identify sources of relevant quantitative and qualitative data and information, which decision-makers could use in order to measure climate change specific risks.

Secondly, describe how such data and information could be used as part of a company’s risk and strategy management in order to support both the definition of short-term climate change response actions and the formulation of innovative strategies for managing climate change risks in the long-term.

Finally, assess how a company’s business model and geographical footprint might affect the way by which it is impacted by climate change.

Zurich Risk Room

Gain exclusive access to the Zurich Risk Room (ZRR), Zurich’s award-winning country risk assessment tool.

Designed to illustrate the impact of multivariate risks on individual countries and the complex interconnectivity between different types of risks, the ZRR will be used as part of this competition to solve corporate challenges.


  • Winning team

The team with the best submission from Phase 2 will receive CHF 5’000 shared between team members and an invitation to present at a Zurich-sponsored event in Q1 2022.

  • Runner-up team

The team of the next best submission from Phase 2 will receive CHF 2’000 shared between team members.

  • Top teams with the best submissions from Phase 1.

Work with Zurich and their multinational customers: Your team will complete a consultancy case with Zurich and a leading global organization. Hone your ideas and make a positive impact on your partner company’s business.

Interviews: Chances for interviews for top-performing participants. Zurich and partner companies will have the opportunity to review candidates during or after the Challenge*.

Certificates: A certificate signed by a Zurich expert detailing participation and Phase 2 achievements.

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