Despite the fact that LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals in the world and one of the most powerful networking tools available, it is very common for people to view LinkedIn as solely a B2B platform. Although this statement may be correct – LinkedIn has 335+ million members from 200 countries speaking 19 languages – it is definitely much more than that. Let’s identify some of the ways how you can use LinkedIn. Here we go!

You can use LinkedIn to:

  1. Network.
  2. Identify fellow alumni.
  3. Keep in touch with old friends and colleagues & touch base with lost relationships.
  4. Reach your target audience & meet new professionals that lead to opportunities.
  5. Gain a better insights on an interested industry.
  6. Research decision makers, competitors, people you’ll be interviewing with & others that may be of interest to you.
  7. Get insider information from previous employees.
  8. Keep up to date with the latest business news as well as news from your target companies and industries.
  9. Follow industry leaders, influencers and people whose posts you would like to receive.
  10. Publish your posts (blogging platform capabilities) which have the potential of reaching a very big audience thus establishing thought leadership & building your online identity.
  11. Keep your professional network up to date with what you are doing and what you find of interest.
  12. Create brand awareness & increase the visibility of your brand.
  13. Enhance your reputation and credibility.
  14. Build traffic to your other online social media networks, blogs, websites etc.
  15. Create online communities.
  16. Find a Job.
  17. Recruit new employees.
  18. Attract business clients & generate new leads which would result into more sales.
  19. Shorten sales cycles.
  20. Get referrals.

What more uses of LinkedIn can you think of? Please let me know in a comment section below.

Please note that I am going to be sharing a series of articles on how to get the most from your LinkedIn, so stay tuned for more posts from me.


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