Here’s what you are missing if you are an entrepreneur and your LinkedIn profile isn’t optimized.

1.We want to do business with people we know

How can I get to know you if I am not aware of your existence? A SEO optimized LinkedIn profile bridges that gap, by significantly increasing the odds of getting you found more frequently by your target prospects on the LinkedIn platform (whether these are potential clients, collaborators, brand ambassadors etc.).

2.We want to do business with people we like & trust

A professionally crafted LinkedIn profile showcases the personality of the subject in the best light making him/her likeable and inspiring to target prospects, while emitting credibility & trustworthiness.

3. It is unique

Of the millions of entrepreneurs in the world, how many have a fully optimized LinkedIn profile? How many appreciate and comprehend its value? How many of those profiles are uniquely written while SEO optimized? How many of those profiles showcase the personality of the subject in the best possible light while utilizing the latest tactics of LinkedIn profile optimization?

I’d love to know. Do you have an optimized LinkedIn profile? Why or why not? Do you think an entrepreneur could benefit from his/her LinkedIn profile optimization? Why or why not?

The LinkedIn profile I link to in this post is one we recently crafted for William Chad Goodson, entrepreneur and founder of, a North Carolina based company dedicated to creating high quality augmented reality apps for Android and Apple devices. If you have an optimized LinkedIn profile, or a link to one you like, please share it with us via email! Would love to see other examples!

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