Twitter can be a bit overwhelming at first, but with a few simple steps, it can attract your ideal clients!

5 simple tips to attract your ideal clients with Twitter lists

Are you using Twitter to its full potential? Let’s see.

Firstly, it’s not about the number of followers you have, it’s about your engagement and reaching a target audience.

You need patience with Twitter, heck with any social media platforms for that matter.

I once had a prospect (and yes he is now a client) tell me that he didn’t see the value in social media if the likes, re-tweets or shares or tools available on social media didn’t give him an immediate sale.

I asked him if he was single, although a bit puzzled he still answered and confirmed that YES he was single.

Great, then I asked him if getting a haircut meant that he would automatically meet a girlfriend?

He laughed, and laughed and then said: “It’s an investment, I suppose.” Totally, so is Social Media Marketing, I said”

Often times, you have the answer right in front of you. And you have so many tools to help attract your ideal clients and grow your business or whatever you may need with social media.

Does it mean it’s easy? No.

But persistence and consistency do pay off. Attracting your ideal clients won’t happen overnight.

So let me help you find some amazing clients or leads with these 5 simple tips to attract your ideal clients with Twitter lists!

1. Research

Research other people’s lists to see if you can find your ideal clients. Then add them to a dedicated list that you create.

2. Create various lists for your ideal clients

Example, if you ideal clients are small restaurants, create a list called “Best restaurants in (city)” and add them to the list.

Not only will they get a notification that they were added in a list of the best restaurants in the area, but they will also probably start keeping an eye on you and the services that you offer.

3. Provide exclusive offers

Use Twitter lists to send exclusive offers to your ideal clients within your lists.

Hint: most people are getting a little annoyed with automatic replies on Twitter, chances are, they will find your message a breath of fresh air. You’ll find valuable tips here.

4. Generate referrals

Create a Twitter lists for past clients.

Believe it or not, it’ll make your life that much easier when you are looking for a referral or need a quick business reference.

Having a Twitter list called references or past partnerships will help potential clients when they are researching you or your business.

If you do this, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you do not have a “non-disclosure agreement” in place.

Naturally, you should know if that’s the case and you can always communicate with your past clients to obtain permission to add them to this specific list.

5. Interact with your lists

Even if the accounts have not all followed you, it’s important to maintain regular interactions.

Go to your lists, see what people have been up too, like, comment, re-tweet relevant information that you can share.

Rotate your engagement list every week and repeat!

I always recommend rotating because you don’t want to overdo it, but you also shouldn’t neglect your lists. Twitter lists are an easy way to keep track of ideal clients and build relationships.

There are a lot of businesses trying to take shortcuts when it comes to social media, just like anything else, there is no easy way out.

It’s important to remember that a thousand engaged followers are always better than double with no engagement. Same applies to Twitter.

Stay away from Twitter automatic replies, and if you want any chances at standing out, be genuine and built relationships before anything else.

What do you think? Have you tried generating leads through Twitter this way?
Let me know what your thoughts are by leaving comments below.

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