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Here are our picks for February 2019.

AlphaGamma Startups Overview: February 2019

Hivemind – Switzerland

Founder: Vikram Bhatnagar
Corporate email:

We’ve assemble a network of experts that lead technology practice. Hivemind AG is uniquely positioned to provide strategic leadership services and solutions to meet client’s talent and needs relating to the Internet of Things.

HIVEMIND is a Swiss leading IoT company with focus on commercial IoT. The platform allows customers to generate fast and actionable data.

Hivemind has helped clients to develop solutions in new and emerging fields leading digitally inter-connected innovation.

Functions such as Industrial Internet, Distributed Mobility, Consumer Lifestyle Innovation and Global Digital are in high demand and relate directly to the interconnected, adaptive-learning power of the Internet of Things.

Coinify – Denmark

Founder: Mark Højgaard
Corporate email:

The Coinify team has a strong background in payments, finance, risk, e-commerce, and compliance, along with experience working with digital currencies since 2010.

Our Coinify Blockchain Experts are active in blockchain technology advocacy and thought leadership available as: keynote speakers and panelists; media commentators; and consultants.

Coinify is an established global virtual currency player offering individual currency trading, white-label partner solutions, payment processing services, and more.

The company was incorporated in 2014 and is backed by Nordic Eye Venture Capital, SEED Capital Denmark, SEB Venture Capital, and Accelerace.

The platform offers various currency trading and payment processing services: individuals can buy and sell virtual currencies; wallets can utilise our white-label solution to offer in-wallet trading; and we have a payment suite with virtual currency payment products for online merchants, payment service providers, retail stores and more.

FRVR – Malta

Founders: Brian Meidell, Chris Benjaminsen
Corporate email:

FRVR is post app store game company. FRVR develops and publishes a growing catalogue of uncomplicated, immediately engaging HTML5 games that work across all platforms. FRVR specialises in low intent, high quality games.

FRVR believes that the way consumers engage with gaming and entertainment media is rapidly changing, with users’ time at an all-time premium. As a result, there has been a rapid rise in the post-app store games market, comprising of a multitude of new game distribution channels.

We make fun games that run anywhere – even inside other apps – and help our partners increase retention, session time and revenue.

IgoriaCard – Poland

Founders: Andrzej Horoszczak
Corporate email:

IgoriaCard is the multicurrency card platform for individuals and companies. Prepaid and debit cards with the smart exchange feature are linked with the innovative multicurrency account and remittance platform that delivers a frictionless experience in the cross-currency environment.

Advanced user role management and individual privileges configuration give flexibility of setting up the financial platform for international organizations, business contractors and enable managing the fleet of the corporate cards for SMEs and travel expenses settlement – it works even for families!

IgoriaCard is also fintech marketplace for 3rd party services – investments, factoring, e-wallet top-up, and blockchain solutions. – Germany

Founders: Eugen L. Gross, Aleksander Koleski, Sarah Luisa Thiele.
Corporate email:

Video is King! Digital video content and audiovisual advertisement are among the most important driving forces of the digital economy.

Whether it is concerning conventional IP-based devices or desktop computers and mobile phones: the number of possibilities and formats is constantly growing and leads to tremendous changes in the audience’s viewing behavior. capitalizes on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the field of video optimization. Its unique software enables the start-up to deliver the important analysis data already during the video production and to swiftly integrate the necessary information into the video. This enables the optimal adaptation of content according to the needs of the target group and increases the rate of clicks.

Allpriv – France

Founders: Matteo Casuccio
Corporate email:

Allpriv presents the World’s First solution in data privacy on the go for enterprises. This one of a kind solution, covered by 6 patents, shields off-premise laptops from major risks:

  • Connecting to a public WIFI hotspot
  • Plugging-in a USB stick to your laptop
  • Losing USB sticks even with encrypted data

AllPriv guards against these threats and extends your security staff’s reach to roaming laptops. Already deploying at European top Banks, Insurances, Military & government, Fortune 500.

Each year hacks targeting nomad staff is costing Billions, Allpriv bring a new Solution for organizations managing thousands of nomad staff working out of office

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