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Here are our picks for March 2019.

AlphaGamma Startups Overview: March 2019

AskHub – France

Founders: Mathieu Rouxel, Hatim Khouzaimi
Corporate email:

Askhub is the first solution that understands what conversational agents don’t, focusing on their Natural Language Understanding weaknesses.

By putting your chatbot through a ‘stress test’, wherein thousands of user requests are sent, as well as real-time detection of user intents, the company can identify what problems are cropping up with your chatbot and offer a conversational solution to fix it.

Bllush – Israel

Founders: Nitzan Gal, Peleg Aran, Tomer Dean
Corporate email:

Bllush in a software company specializing in developing AI solutions for the online retail market. Using Bllush’s platform, fashion and interior design retailers can easily publish high quality, licensed content directly to website visitors.

Content published by Bllush’s technology can be viewed by millions of users monthly on stores such as Vivense, Lesara and Zalando.

Bllush was founded to bring better content to the world of retail. Our goal is to arm retailers with world-class content to keep inspiring their users day after day. Using cutting edge technology, we’re introducing a new set of content generation tools not previously available.

Our content helps retailers provide the most engaging content to their users. By providing relevant and inspiring content, we help them make better buying decisions. This results in happier customers and better business for retailers.

Lexset – USA

Founders: Azam Khan, Francis Bitonti, Leslie Karpas
Corporate email:

New York-based AI startup wants to make furniture shopping as simple and fun as playing a kid’s video game, with an AI-powered plug-in interior designer that “analyzes your home, identifies the items in your space down to the SKU level, provides personalized product recommendations that are optimized for your space and reflect your taste.”

LexSet’s B2B solution is aimed at furniture and home supply retailers. With LexSet’s API integrated, a furniture shopping application can identify the objects in a smartphone camera viewfinder and search its directory for recommended furnishings based on elements such as names, tags, categories and styles.

The application will then measure the spatial relationships in the scene, and use augmented reality to show how different products would appear in the user’s actual space.

dLocal – Uruguay

Founders: Sebastian Kanovich, Sergio Fogel
Corporate email:

dLocal is a payment technology platform specialised for emerging markets. With one integration with dLocal, the company offers over 200 payment methods for 2 billion consumers within 20 emerging markets.

As well as minimising fraud and maximising approvals, the company states that it increases conversions by up to 40%.

By operating as the payments processor and merchant of record in each market, dLocal is making it simple for online companies to reach 2 billion digitally-savvy consumers in today’s fastest-growing markets.

Over 450 global e-commerce merchants, online travel providers, and marketplaces rely on dLocal to accept more than 300 locally-relevant payment methods including local credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and cash payments, as well as issue millions of payments to their contractors, agents, and sellers in growth markets around the world.

VividQ – UK

Founder: Charlie Pool
Corporate email:

VividQ provides the underlying software architecture for the next generation of fully holographic devices. The company developed revolutionary digital light-shaping technologies that make diffractive holography a viable commercial display solution for the first time. Holographic displays powered by VividQ can offer the most immersive 3D experience without the need for glasses or optical tricks.

By producing holographic images with multiple depth planes on standard GPUs, VividQ is becoming the software platform of choice for holographic Headsets and Head-Up Displays, and was recently recognised as a key innovator in volumetric sector by Markets&Markets.

The company is an official Intel partner and works alongside leading hardware manufacturers including Sony and Himax.

Welever – Spain

Founder: Jose Almansa
Corporate email:

Welever invests in revolutionsing technology of social impact to empower people to move the world.

We believe that innovation lies within each and every one us us. People have the opportunity to become empowered through the use of our tool. Welever connects the different social agents and has the ability to multiply societal impact.

Through Welever, you will belong to a global community of change makers that have a shared goal to make our world a more sustainable, generous and fair place.

We believe that the world needs a tool that helps put the SDG’s into practice. Welever empowers people allowing for collective intelligence and giving initiatives the opportunity to penetrate organizations and flourish.

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