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Here are our picks for November 2019.

AlphaGamma Startups Overview: November 2019

Armaks Group – Russian Federation

Founders: Anton Gololobov, Maksim Zhukov
Corporate email:

Helping cities to become better, ARMAKS Group company concentrated its efforts on developing modern urban management systems for the authorities, residents and local businesses.

We are making a high-level platform for the smart cities that integrate all the city department’s process in one AI decision-making model. Cities are the basis of modern civilization.

They concentrate human flows and the power of the state. Modern technologies open up opportunities for making cities safe, comfortable, combining their identity with opportunities for development.

Axelspace – Japan

Founders: Naoki Miyashita, Takashi Eishima, Yuya Nakamura
Corporate email:

Axelspace is a startup company developing businesses in the microsatellite field. Axelspace plans to construct a monitoring platform to cover the entire globe on a daily basis at an extremely low cost.

We are pioneers of microsatellite technology advancing the frontiers of space business, reimagining traditional ways of using space, and creating a society where everyone on our planet can make space part of their life

Beyond Pricing – US

Founders: David Kelso, Ian McHenry
Corporate email:

Beyond Pricing was founded in November 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA.

Beyond Pricing is an automated data-driven pricing solution for your Airbnb and vacation rental.

Their software integrates with leading listing sites like Airbnb and VRBO, as well as the largest property management systems like HomeAway Software and Streamline, allowing property owners and managers to harness their big data machine learning algorithms to automatically adjust and update their prices everywhere they list.

They utilize real-time market data to ensure their price recommendations to maximize revenue and occupancy for their hosts.

The Beyond Pricing SaaS solutions allow you to link your Airbnb listing, preview their year of recommended rates, and sync those prices directly to your Airbnb calendar. It also maximizes revenue for owners and hosts on home-sharing and vacation rental sites like Airbnb and HomeAway.

Billon Group – UK

Founders: Andrzej Horoszczak, Robert Kaluza
Corporate email:

Billon built a new, proprietary DLT technology, which is the first to a. Digitise national currencies (e.g. GBP) b. Store encrypted documents on-chain (e.g. PDF) c. Combine identity, money, and data on the same platform

The technology is optimized for regulated institutional use as a scalable private, permissioned DLT (outperforming cryptocurrency adaptations). It is fully regulatory compliant for both money and document applications.

Billon partners with enterprise customers to create DLT based solutions on its full platform. Reusable modules & APIs allow for rapid creation and delivery. Solutions are already in use by Fortune 500 companies today


Founders: Federico Mattia Dolci, Giacomo Grattirola, Jacopo Benedetti
Corporate email:

In the age where visuals are key, BOOM stands as a technology company aiming to provide professional visual contents worldwide with the best photographers on site.

From booking to delivery, our services, address the needs of the online markets, helping companies sell more with inspiring realistic photographs. We believe that the only way to deliver a higher quality product is to blend perfectly human abilities with the power of technologies.

We are gathering a vibrant Collective of professional photographers all around the world, with the right attitude, equipment and the same vision. And That’s why we’re also working on innovative visual solutions using artificial intelligence in imaging.

Based on recent advances in machine learning research our A.I. editing software understands, transforms and enhances every pixel within seconds mirroring the processes that occur in our brain.

We chose to dedicate our lives to legitimate a united photographic movement. We are here to turn any challenges into new opportunities and possibilities for the online markets in a way that has never been done before.


Founders: Christian Picard, Christian Rodriguez, Guillermo Gaspart, Hugo Palomar
Corporate email:

Founded in March of 2012 in Barcelona, the company has experienced rapid growth, and does business with more than 2500 hotels in Europe, Latin America and some key cities in the Middle East, and works in partnership with the international top hotel chains.

BYHOURS is the first online hotel booking platform and app that allows you to book micro stays in hotels in sets of 3, 6, and 12 hours and lets you decide the time of arrival and departure.

BYHOURS has introduced a new and disruptive business model in the travel industry, about micro-stays and pay-per-use and based in flexibility, which also allows hotels to increase their income, as well as monetize and optimize their resources.

Fitplan – Canada

Founders: Cam Speck, Landon Hamilton
Corporate email:

Fitplan is the dynamic mobile app empowering our community to become their best selves. We are fuelled by a passion for helping others to realize their goals and making wild fitness ambitions accessible.

We’re stripping away the intimidation of sculpted athletic bodies, and replacing it with clarity around how our customers can get there.

Fitplan has partnered with world-class trainers who have reached their peak, and we’ve created a way for them to share their exact workout methods. Through our content, users get the unique experience of training alongside their ideal physique of choice – making for a healthier, fitter future.

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