There is a number of individuals & companies these days who think that LinkedIn works only for B2B companies.

However, the reality is that B2C companies can also make a very effective use of the LinkedIn platform to achieve further brand awareness, build trust and increase sales for their products & services.

Let’s put it in plain simple terms:

LinkedIn not only works for B2B but for B2C companies as well

And it can do so very effectively indeed.

Let me elaborate:

  • LinkedIn users are consumers too, and LinkedIn currently has approximately 500 million of these consumers. A number which is growing by the extraordinary 2 new users per second (172.800 new LinkedIn users per day). Is this a population that B2C brands would not want to tap into?
  • Moreover, most LinkedIn users are highly educated & high net worth individuals (CEOs, Directors, Managers, Entrepreneurs etc.). In fact, LinkedIn’s audience has 2x the buying power of the average web audience. In other words, this audience has monetary power. And they are willing to part a portion of their money for the right product of a B2C brand (a new car, a new house, a holiday, a new computer, a cell phone, a retail or luxury item etc.)
  • LinkedIn users have a business oriented mindset (more serious-professional mindset) and are more likely to trust information provided by B2C brands on the LinkedIn platform than on other social networking platforms.
  • LinkedIn users are very loyal brand advocates and when they find a brand they like, they tend to stick to it.
  • Through content marketing & the use of LinkedIn ads together with the relevant available tools, B2C brands can laser target their audience with extreme precision, driving even more sales for their products through the LinkedIn platform.

So, tell me: is LinkedIn a Social Media Network whose size, growth rate, reach, engagement & “golden” user base to be ignored by a B2C brand?

Can you think of any other reasons why B2C Brands need to be on LinkedIn? I would love to see your thoughts in the comments section below!

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