The rise of Pokemon Go has created a sense of excitement among the Millennial generation and businesses have taken notice. The game has had a huge comeback based on new age marketing techniques and interactive gameplay.

The number of people that have involved themselves in the game is astonishing. Here are a few videos of crowds playing the game in public spaces that encapsulate the attention the game has attracted:

What makes the resurgence of the Pokemon brand unique is the way in which companies have leveraged their ability to attract customers and customer engagement using the game.

Here are some interesting ways companies are leveraging Pokemon Go:

Social Media Leverage- The Washington Capitals

With the amount of online potential for engagement that a phenomenon like Pokemon Go brings, social media is a great set of platforms to exercise that communication.

Lure Modules

Companies set up lure modules around their business to attract more Pokemon to their areas, and by extension, more customers.

Phone-charging stations and players awarding

Ad agency Huge and its in-house coffee shop added about 25 phone-charging stations to attract customers since the game uses up large amounts of battery. Huge also offered a promotion where it gave a free steamed bun appetizer to anyone who shows they caught a Pokemon in their shop. Unique, small promotions to attract customers are great ways the game has been used in business.

For those businesses near a PokeStop or a Gym, there are a few other unique strategies for attracting customers:

  • Giveaways: Order Pokemon Gym badges from a supplier that can customize them for your business.
  • Keep score: Put up a board announcing which team is currently in control of your Gym, and then offer a discount to members of that team!

Engaging with the Pokemon brand is about engaging an entire generation that the game was made for

The subtle business moves that leverage different aspects of the game speak volumes to how brand communications and generational marketing has changed.

Millennials are uniquely positioned in today’s marketplace as being the first generation that brands take the brand experience out to. Some of the most successful brands in the last few years (Uber, Netflix, Pokemon Go) bring the brand experience to consumers, making them more accessible than ever.

It is no longer necessary to even leave your house to experience brands anymore, and as the world becomes more connected, the practice of remote brand experience only seems to be on the rise.

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