Have you come to that place where it all seems to be over? Is your old hope for a better future giving you a sigh, a headache, and neck ache? You hear news of Brexit and you think it’s just a phase, you witness the US voting for Trump and that seems to you like the end of the world is approaching?

How can you think otherwise, what you thought to be impossible to happen is not only happening, it is becoming normality.

Now let me ask you, what did you expect?

While it all may seem dark and sorrowful, the real question is what have you done? Have you questioned your life? Have you questioned your behavior? Have you questioned your new idea? Have you questioned your business model? Have you questioned your added value? And what it makes of this unceasing world?

Did you check the added VALUE of your product or service? What does it make of humanity in the future? What innovation will be built upon yours that can lead to a catastrophe? Where does it fit on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Does it satisfy the shallowness of the mediocre? Does it provide an inspiration and motivation?

Does it serve the planet? Does it plant a tree? How does it affect Africa? Does it help the poor? Does it make you rich? Is that what you’re looking for? Can it help the needy? Does it serve a purpose? Does it solve a real problem?

Did you expect this to be an article? Did you think I have the answer?

Do you think if the world came to consciousness that would save the world? Do you think the world would ever come to consciousness altogether? Don’t you think you have a major role to play? What are you still doing?

And keep in mind:

If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers
– Thomas Pynchon

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