As an entrepreneur, we all have faced doubters and naysayers telling us it can’t be done. But seldom we would hear them.

We tell ourselves we can make it works, we tell ourselves we are a different breed and are willing to risk it all up for the beliefs we hold. We drive a sense of personal satisfaction in defying the odds.

Bending the rules gives us a certain sense of pride.

We tend to see things as not what they are but what they could be. We choose to start first and address the problems later. And yes, we drive satisfaction by going against the norms.

All of this makes us a rebel.

Joe Robinson, productivity and work-life trainer at , shares in-depth analysis of how entrepreneurs are born rebels. They continuously come up with subtle ways to bend the rules for their progression.

Entrepreneurs challenge the status-quo, go against conformism and most of the time they have to go at it alone.

Entrepreneurs think outside of the established norms and are guided by their creativity and own set of rules

Rebellion and rejection go hand in hand. Entrepreneurs tend to go against the tide and twist rules for themselves. The rules entrepreneurs break are not penned down as law, the rules they break are merely different, they are the norms created by the herd mentality.

This courage to break the norms comes with the frequent sting of rejection.

Whenever I got rejected, it would sting

– were the words of Abe Issa when he was trotting around the Texan Suburbs selling clean energy projects for his startup Global Efficient Energy. Issa took the rejection as motivation trotting the streets of suburbs till 9 every night.

His self-belief and the drive to prove his naysayers wrong kept him going. It is pretty safe to say, his motivation paid off well with his company doing estimated $60 million in revenue in 2015.

Being a rebel does not translate into riding a motorcycle or spearheading a revolution, Instead,

making people uncomfortable with your ideas is rebelling

Don’t let the rejection and criticism put you down. Always remember the rule: Disobey, Defy, and Deny. This will drive you towards being a rebel enabling you to turn the disruptive ideas into reality.

Disobey – Go against the expectations and social pressure. Follow your gut to the end of the tunnel and disrupt the status quo.


Defy – Challenge the Conformism and push beyond the established order.


Deny – Don’t let anyone confine you by what you can do and what you can’t. Deny their confines and follow along with the rebellious thoughts.

Starting today, dedicate yourself to that inner rebel and the rebellious thoughts. Rule breakers and ones with the belief to disrupt things are the ones who make great entrepreneurs.

Remember: create, take risks and live your passion!

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