For those making the career decision as to which industry they should enter, keep in mind three basic questions the industry must meet for it to be a viable undertaking.


Does the industry meet a basic human need, or is it a luxury, and consequently, an optional indulgence? The stronger industries have real staying power.

The economy goes through ups and downs, and the ones that meet an indispensable human need like food, shelter, clothing, transportation have that critical staying power. These industries hold the most promise for a lasting and profitable career.

On the other hand, leisure and luxury are optional. When money gets tight, they are the first to suffer loss. When the option does I buy groceries or take a vacation, taking a vacation comes in a distant second, or maybe 25th. Unless you have a financial plan B, optional is not a word you want to be associated with your industry career choice.


Does the industry I am considering generate substantial profit? By substantial profit I mean does it pay me well enough to live the lifestyle I want for me and my family?

This figure is different for every individual, but it is always a good idea to add in a 30 to 40% margin to whatever figureyou arrive at.

Does it match my skills, aptitudes or interests?

Research the industries which naturally attract you.

Generally, we are drawn to those industries to which we have a genuine affinity. Consider the skill set each requires. Ask yourself if you would be lifetime happy in your industry choice.

For instance, one of the basic human needs is transportation. If you like auto, train, airplane or trucking-related jobs, you have found your industry. Pursue a career in one of these areas.

If you like building things, look into the industries which are building and construction related.

3 potential industry candidates

While no 3-item list of anything can claim to be exhaustive, the suggestions below may be a guide toward helping you choose an industry to go into.


The construction industry has a wrongly deserved reputation for being ‘seasonal’, and therefore is an unreliable earner. It is an old, established and needed money maker.

People who fail to plan and schedule jobs find the work ‘spotty’ or ‘seasonal’. The key is to seek out and schedule jobs ahead of the seasons. Strive to retain a mix of inside and outside work. Some of the nation’s wealthiest people made their fortunes in residential and commercial construction.

One such construction-related job is incorporating solar energy for climate control into structures being built.Installing solar panels as part of the heating and cooling system for houses and commercial buildings is an excellent and environmentally wise industry choice.

Solar energy capture and storage reduces energy costs, and it is clean green energy.


If none of the construction industry interests you, perhaps a career in the automotive industry does.

This industry, like construction, has many different areas worth pursuing. It too is one of those basic human needs that we cannot do without, so it is a reliable choice.

Logistics is an integral cog of this industry. Right now, there is a dire need for truck drivers. Trucking companies are paying sign-on bonuses.

Some are actually paying for CDL training in exchange for agreeing to drive for the company

Food industry

You can almost hear an audible gasp when the food industry gets mentioned.

Many people have permanently installed the term into that tiny compartment in their brain where ‘food industry’ can only refer to ‘fast food’.

Fast food is only one area of this huge industry. From farming and harvesting food to food science and all the tentacles these two have, the careers in this industry are too numerous to mention here.

Check out some of this industry’s surprising careers, and you will be surprised.

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